You think you know the answer to this! (Updated)

There are a number of newly formed countries, that have recently gained independence:

One being Timor Leste aka East Timor aka Timor Timor. What about the rest? Do you think you can name another three? (Does not have to be in chronological order.)

It’s the time to test your knowledge about Physical Geography. Not Human Geography which encompasses Politics, Social, Economics etc.

The youngest country in Europe (maybe the world) and is still growing? Hmmm no matter the weather, a popular outdoor activity is swimming in natural formed lakes.

So, can you guess?


The answer: from

YOUNGEST COUNTRIES (politically newly formed)
East Timor (2002)
Palau (1994)
Czech Republic (1993)
Eritrea (1993)
Slovakia (1993)
Bosnia/Hertzegovina (1992)


In the end

No, I won’t be getting a new phone…


I may get a new ride 🙂

Yup, I’ve ditched the idea of getting a new phone as I really need new wheels to move about town. No, my new wheels won’t be one of those European ones but highly likely those from the land of the rising sun. The former are either too expensive or have no resale value compared to the latter.

So night after night I’d either be dreaming of sturdy vios, jazz or Ravs, instead of hunky men!

Plus, in order to own my dream car it means work & more work & less splurging on unnecessary items! Ahh sacrifices one has to make!

On a sad note, a distant relative of mine passed away in the wee hours of morning, he was 42 and left behind a wife, a son aged 16 and a very young daughter. I could not attend his funeral, however mom and dad did pay their respects. Mom’s late cousin was very much missed and loved. His passings was unexpected however he died an easy & peaceful death after claiming suffering from slight chest pains. Not long after that he drew his last breath while his wife & children were at his side.

Moments like this will jolt you back to reality as you would at times float into dreamland. A land of material wealth. This is God’s way of waking us up, reminding us of the days ahead. Life can be taken away all of a sudden, what will happen to those left behind? Will they be able to cope with such lost? It’s not cruel, it’s a test, God’s test! Will we be able to survive? It’s all in our own hands.

The moment the news reaches my ear, my immediate thoughts were for his young family. It never occured to me if his parents would feel such a lost. All I could think of were his children. How do they feel waking up the next day knowing that their dad has left them for a better place? I would be devastated, it would be hard to swallow especially for a young child, growing up, wanting a dad’s support, sharing the joy and achievement together. He is their rock, there to support them through thick and thin, their shoulder to cry on! But, I pray that they will be stronger with all the support they get from their family, and friends.



What a Girl Wants

“What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever makes me happy sets you free”

crooned Xtina @ Cristina Aguilerra


What I want and what I need are new pair of shoes and I didn’t expect to buy two of them! 🙂


So, I got myself two pairs of stilettos. I don’t go for any other type of shoes as I physically do not have the height. So, flats are a No No as I would feel like a dwarf amongst giants.


Not all will feel comfortable in them, the feeling of instability will arise for those who are in uncharted waters. Surprisingly it is, (comfy that is) plus it’s elegent & sexy and looks good on you if you dream of long & sexy legs!


Stiletto uno

Stiletto uno II

Stiletto dos

Stiletto dos II


With nothing to do, that’s an understatement, I decided to play around with Illustrator. I am no artist nor am I creative, I can sketch but I can’t paint. So you could see the uncreative, maybe edgy banner above. Well, at least I tried.

What’s Up?

Nothing much really. I have not been away the last one week, I was still hanging around – surfing the net, occasionally. However, I was very busy as I’ve had too many catching ups to do. Thankfully, my exams are over and I’ve got another semester to go. My parents are counting the days till I finally graduate with a Master’s degree. Mom, it’s not a piece of cake! Plus, this year, I’m really thinking of getting a new job, a new environment. So, maybe I’ll be filling up the forms any time soon.

I was bored so, I took the picture below. You see, I lead a boring life!


Some of you may know me quite well, as a die heart Liverpool Fc, McLaren Mercedes, Tennis esp Rafael Nadal fan. All three have gone through a bit of a rough patch lately. Liverpool lost to Arsenal (my 2nd favorite English team) 3-0 at the newly built Emirates Stadium, McLaren didn’t break the duck (the season’s over so we’ll have to wait till next year) and Rafael Nadal lost his 1st match to what’s his name, some American, oh yeah the 8th seeded James Blake in the final Master’s Championship which is currently held in Shanghai, China. So, my sights will be on that match as well as any Liverpool FC live matches on tv besides my all time favorite The Amazing Race. Anything you’d like to recommend? Besides Grey’s Anatomy (nice), ANTM and Travel & Living Channel!

E for

Election – the 6th year election

It has been an interest of my to follow the US election 2006 although I do not live in the states nor am I a citizen of theirs. The last time I checked the (D) were on par with the (R) for the Senate seats. So it is a very tight match & I hope the ones in blue will steal the seats. While it has been an excruciating wait for many, the politicians, the voters, the armchair critics as vote are being recounted in Virginia.

Why (D) ? Well I support their anti-war rally. It’s a waste of money plus I’ll hope to see less of “W” on tv, which is unlikely until let’s say the next general election. I’ll be rallying for Hillary Rodham Clinton then, women power!

I “HEART” Chocolate

Have you got a sweet tooth? I have. I’m addicted to these yummy, creamy, substance no matter the shape or form. Yup, I can even have it for breakfast. Yikes, that reminds me, I need to step on the weighing machine (that’s what most women do, weigh themselves & see if they’ve actually gained a kilo or lose more kilos!)

Lately,I had an uncontrollable desire to savor the bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate. Must be all the reading I’d been doing. I’m not saying I haven’t been doing any reading before, more of light reading then! Since exams is just around the corner & papers to be returned, I’ve been using more of my cognitive skills than before! So the past few days I have been eating a bite or two (3 bites of my kek batik) daily as I believe chocolate empowers brain power. It’s funny while enjoying & lusting for more chocolate, my brain keeps telling me to stop, enough sugar already! Would you want to die of diabetes? That’s unfair, can’t I enjoy the moment peacefully.