Posted: November 16, 2006 in mi vida loca

With nothing to do, that’s an understatement, I decided to play around with Illustrator. I am no artist nor am I creative, I can sketch but I can’t paint. So you could see the uncreative, maybe edgy banner above. Well, at least I tried.

  1. brana says:

    oooh…nice 🙂 i’m ban from purchasing more shoes…running out of space to store em’ :S

  2. redenclave says:

    Ahaha…why don’t you just send them for recycling… I even have a pair or two of mine which I’ve only worn once, I guess I’ll just give it away!

  3. revelation says:

    oo.. sexy babe! Nice shoes.Refuse 2 buy more shoes. My 2 sis like 2 make mine as theirs *sigh*

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