In the end

No, I won’t be getting a new phone…


I may get a new ride 🙂

Yup, I’ve ditched the idea of getting a new phone as I really need new wheels to move about town. No, my new wheels won’t be one of those European ones but highly likely those from the land of the rising sun. The former are either too expensive or have no resale value compared to the latter.

So night after night I’d either be dreaming of sturdy vios, jazz or Ravs, instead of hunky men!

Plus, in order to own my dream car it means work & more work & less splurging on unnecessary items! Ahh sacrifices one has to make!

On a sad note, a distant relative of mine passed away in the wee hours of morning, he was 42 and left behind a wife, a son aged 16 and a very young daughter. I could not attend his funeral, however mom and dad did pay their respects. Mom’s late cousin was very much missed and loved. His passings was unexpected however he died an easy & peaceful death after claiming suffering from slight chest pains. Not long after that he drew his last breath while his wife & children were at his side.

Moments like this will jolt you back to reality as you would at times float into dreamland. A land of material wealth. This is God’s way of waking us up, reminding us of the days ahead. Life can be taken away all of a sudden, what will happen to those left behind? Will they be able to cope with such lost? It’s not cruel, it’s a test, God’s test! Will we be able to survive? It’s all in our own hands.

The moment the news reaches my ear, my immediate thoughts were for his young family. It never occured to me if his parents would feel such a lost. All I could think of were his children. How do they feel waking up the next day knowing that their dad has left them for a better place? I would be devastated, it would be hard to swallow especially for a young child, growing up, wanting a dad’s support, sharing the joy and achievement together. He is their rock, there to support them through thick and thin, their shoulder to cry on! But, I pray that they will be stronger with all the support they get from their family, and friends.




5 Replies to “In the end”

  1. Sorry 4 ur lost. there r times when we tend 2 b floating in dreamland and death would take us back 2 reality. But it would be 4 a short moment as we r easily sucked back into dreamland. so.. what’s d plan 4 Uyean’s wedding? r u coming down south? Do email or sms me k.

  2. My condolences Redenclave, yes it is these moments which remind us that life is ephemeral..May his children find peace inshallah..

    On another note , good luck with the car purchase and show us the photo of the one you end up with 🙂

  3. I am sorry for your loss Red.

    As for your car dreams, how bad are things when you “really need” a new car. I mean, I can understand “really want”, but “really need”, if you already have one?

  4. Adam,
    To me it means a strong feeling of wanting something. A must have, a desire for a new car as the current one is giving me some problems and am tired of having to go to the mechanic to get it done and repaired!

    Thanks for the note. I’ll get to you about Uyean’s wedding. Have you bought her a wedding gift?

    It’s nice to hear from you, I hope everything’s fine. Thank you for the kind message.

    About the car, it’s not an easy decision to make! 🙂

  5. Not yet. I’ll b going 2 JJ next week. I might find something 4 her then.
    Good luck with ur wheel hunting. Get something sleek and sexy! Hope i can catch a ride to KLCC with ur new ‘baby’ ^_^

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