The Amazing Race 10 (Updated on 111206)

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With the Amazing Race season 10 nearing to its end, only three teams have secured the last 3 spots to race for the $1 mil prize money. The three teams consist of 2 hot looking male models, a pair of single moms (the only all-female team having qualified the top 3 spot over the years) and a bf-gf team. So which team will win the 1 million dollars?

I’m rooting for either the models or the bf-gf team. I think that the single moms are not physically fit but they are very intelligent women, so I’m sure they will give a tight fight. Rob on the other hand frustrates me as he is quick tempered & often loses his temper on his gf, Kimberly. I guess he has to learn to be more patient & control his temper. I salute Kimberly for having stayed around up to this stage! The models on the other hand, besides their gorgeous looks need luck on their side. Somehow I feel that they need to be more alert in this game which challenges one’s intgelligence & wits.

I still find it difficult to predict which team will win the race, I guess I’ll have to keep on watching!

Am I right, or what? After retrieving their clues in Barcelona & nearly missing the first flight to Paris and ending up in a neck 2 neck race in NYC, the models have finally won the 1 mill. How wonderful does that feel? Having to cross 4 continents: N. America, Africa, Europe & Asia, yup no S. America this time, winning such a large sum of money is a wonderful feeling but if you don’t, it’s not the end of the world. The important thing is your relationship still stands, so I’m sure both Rob & Kimberly, Lyn & K aren’t that disappointed. Well, I guess, no all female team winner in this season’s race,  we’ll just have to wait till the next race!


4 Replies to “The Amazing Race 10 (Updated on 111206)”

  1. You see…
    In Banting… people just dont have the friggin time to watch stuff like The Amazing Race and what nots… Not because of the unavailability of Astro, but because… LIFE THERE IS HELL !!!
    Remember those SPM days where people simply have the option of taking a book and read, and the next day simply putting whatever we read the day before in black and white…
    well… it doesn’t work that way anymore, at least not in the IB programme…
    I think I’ll be failing my first semester… so just wanted to let you know !!!
    Anywayz… got myself a Toshiba ( your post came in a little bit too late… ) but Toshiba ain’t that bad… just that it’s not compatible with certain projectors, etc…
    The specs are wonderful though… and it was voted 2nd most popular laptop… so… I have no complaints…
    Till we meet again… Ciao…

  2. Abdul, glad that you’ve finally owned a lappie. good for you. Ah, so are you a fan of TAR? Don’t tell me you watch the Miss World @ Miss Universe etc…peleaseee

  3. Amazing Race???
    Well… I was following some other earlier seasons… but like I said… I just can’t find the time for the newer installments…

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