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Date: 260107

Time: between 2000 to 2100 hours

Venue: OU New Wing at Highstreet facing the Gap Store Entrance

Flora Fest

In conjuction with VM Year ’07, the Flora Fest is being held from the 20th Jan to the 4th, so the tourism board is actively promoting the country through such events. If time is on your side, you should not miss the Floral Parade. Visitors, local or foreign will have the opportunity to see and experience the multicultural festival & see the many colours of M.

Blogging – a study

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Hummm, found this set of questions from Highlander’s blog, she was tagged by Sarah who is researching on ‘Middle Eastern women and blogs’ for her Master’s degree (Sorry am not middle eastern). Researchers have studied chatting, & now blogging!

1) Why did you start writing a blog? Was there a specific moment, event, of friend that urged you to begin writing?

I find the publishing world fascinating, it was a dream of mind to work in a publishing house, however it is not a lucrative job over here unlike in London or the Big Apple. It all started when I was introduced to the WWW, building homepages, yes I had a few and now, writing a blog.

2) If you had to think about your blog as a certain type of space what kind would it be? Is it a private space (like a locked diary hidden under your bed), a domestic space (like your house), a public space (like school or church), or a city space (like a crowded street where you don’t know too many people)? Or do you not think of it this way?

All of the above.

3) Do you have a goal for your blog? What is it?
None, I never thought it would go this far!

4) We think of a dreams as a measurement of how imbedded you are in something. For instance, when you start to learn a foreign language well you begin to dream in that language. Do you ever dream that you are blogging or having a conversation with someone through chat or email?


5) What does your avatar or blog image say about you? Why did you choose it?

Globetrotting — a globe trekker at heart, I am fascinated by the wonders of the ancient world. I feel that life is too short and there are too many beautiful places to visit, therefore, it would be a waste if we do not find time to explore the ancient cities and experience the culture and the tradition of its people.

“Certainly, travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.”

Miriam Beard

6) What opportunities does blogging give you that you would not have if you did not blog?

Sharing your thoughts with others no matter the location, the language, religion or race.

7) What is satisfying to you about blogging?

Same as above

8) Do you ever use blog, chat, or internet services to find someone to date or flirt with online?

It happens, unintentionally!

Do you talk to the opposite sex more online or in person?

Hummm, I don’t know. About the same I guess.

9) If you knew that everyone in the world would read your blog today, what two sentences would you write?

Thanks for dropping by. Hope to hear from you again.

10) If you could change anything about your life or country what would it be?

Nothing, I guess. Country – it ain’t that bad, but I hope it’s cleaner!

11) Have you made any friends through your blog that you wouldn’t have in everyday life.

Yes and I have made more foreign friends than local ones!

12) Do you talk to people who have a different religions or culture than you on your blog or online?

I love culture, so I have no problem with that!

13) If you consider yourself to be Muslim, what is the hardest and best part about being a Muslim woman?

It’s difficult enough being a woman, what more a Muslim woman especially when you are headstrong and independent.

“About all you can do in life is be who you are. Some people will love you for you. Most will love you for what you can do for them, and some won’t like you at all.” Rita Mae Brown

14) Would you mind telling me your gender and age? Any other features of yourself you would like to reveal.—occupation, marital status, country of residence?


15) Anything you would like to add or comment on? Any questions for me?

Good Luck in completing your research. I understand what you have to go through, collecting all these data! What is your area of study?


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Ah a great design for us, women who can’t seem to keep away from the crystal clear waters to enjoy a swim or just to relax themselves under the glorious sun. Thank God for the Burqini, we muslim too can share the fun without feeling self-conscious of having to put on those body hugging swimwear @ bodysuits. The Burqini is not ugly (it does actually hide your spare tyres!) and I for one would not be caught wearing swimdress!

Another Slow & Boring Sunday

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Your Birthdate: February 20

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In the next issue of …

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time cover

however, this issue is not available at any news stand in your city @ neighbourhood. ;-P

It’s just something we did today before we went to catch a show, Sinking of Japan (Japanese) at the Cineplex.

It’s a must watch movie, worth every of your penny, in this case every dollar. No one expected the Land of the Rising Sun would sink in less than a year, until a powerful earthquake hit Japan. This lead to a chain of volcanic eruptions which eventually killed the PM and his staffs who where on a flight to China. That was only the beginning, many lives lost, homes destroyed & submerged by the tsunami. Many had to be deported, the unfortunate ones were placed at higher grounds as airports were shut down and ports were destroyed. However, only one man could save the Japanese archapelago and he is the scientist/researcher whom the government had dismissed earlier. His brilliant idea would eventually save Japan, but in order to save her, sacrifices had to be made.

No, it’s nothing like the Rain God!

Find out for yourself, go and watch the movie.

UPDATED 21 Jan 07

Earthquakes hit Turkey & Indonesia, so far no casualties. Are these the early signs of the raging nature? The wrath of mother nature would lead to more casualties & disaster. One need not look far, the torrential rain for the past few days have lead to soil erosion & flooding in the southern tip of the peninsular. What’s next?

Title?… Can’t think of one!

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A whole week of sitting on rough hard plastic, facing the monitor for hours — I don’t know how mom could endure such torture, eyes dried up, brain cells frozen & yet could come up with whatever codes she used in her programming project / assignment.

Thank God, it’s only a 10-day course! Not a programming course, that’s a relief! I need a break, a little sight seeing or window shopping would do as I’m broke! I’m practically counting the days till pay day! May it come real soon!


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It’s damn frustrating trying to reserve flight tickets online especially if you plan to fly on a budget airline! I’ll leave that to my dad since he has the time. We’re planning to visit one of the cities in the Indochine territory.

An unexpected travel plan, but a welcoming one, I suppose. I can always find time to explore the world, you can’t believe what travelling does for you!

This is the third time in a row LFC have lost to Arsenal. It all began last year, a match held at the Emirates Stadium, followed by their lost last week at Fortress Anfield and recently at the the same venue. It is a shame to be kicked around the field and to have let in 5 goals in the early minutes of the 2nd half of play. Oh dear, the defense must be rocky & the offense must have lost their mojo.

So, what’s left? Champion’s League & the Premiership. However, Manure are already in the lead with Chelsea second, and are also going through a rocky road. LFC not far behind, but Arsenal is breathing down their necks! Will Rafa be buying any players & who will be off loaded from the Red side of the Mersey? We will have to wait and see. That’s FOOTBALL to you and me & SOCCER to the Americans.

News from the hot tarmac:

Alonso has his seat fitting at McLaren in preparation for his 1st testing in a McLaren a week from today after attending the McLaren launch on Mon the 15th. Humm, can’t wait to see him in silver overalls and racing the silver arrow to the checkered flag! Let’s see more wins from McLaren this year and hope that Alonso will bring home the Constructors as well as the Driver’s trophy to McLaren Tech Centre at Woking, England.

So cross your fingers & pray there will be no glitches subject to any mechanical failure.

Alonso’s new look.

Kimi in RED, pic from

I can’t deny that the RED outfit suits him ;-( . We won’t forget all the challenges and great & crazy maneuvers you’ve made in the silver arrow as it would often make me cringe in anticipation to see you win.

I have been experiencing writer’s block of late, hence the hiatus. I do hope, if time permits, to blab and pour out my thoughts once I am able to get a hold of my life. So much is expected of me, however, I am afraid I won’t be able to accomplish them all.

Time will come and go, it will not halt even for a millisecond. Are you ready to face the days, months and year ahead of you? Should you take it easy? It reminds me, my birthday is approaching, yet I am not prepared for it. No I’m not holding a birthday party nor do I want to celebrate it. I do not know if I want to be reminded about it. What it means to me is age is catching up, however there is so little I have done in this world. I have not accomplished certain things in life! For instance I have always wanted to work for the UN and also being actively involved in a volunteer group, although I had a short stint at WWF (Wild life and not wrestling unless you’re thinking of wrestling with the orang utans, not to that either!). So, yes. I would say that at the moment I would have to find time to help heal this world.


p/s I hate subtitles. Can’t we do something about them? It irritates me as I would end up reading them instead of listening to the dialogue. I think I’m quite proficient in my English, so I have no problem understanding what has been said but I can’t seem to control my eyes. Urgh…. HELP!