It’s here! (Updated on Avril 1)

Yes, if you’re feeling hot and sweaty with a burning desire to jump into your car and press the pedal hard onto the floor. Well, I’m no doctor, but I can surely say, those are the symptoms of the so-called “F1 FEVER”. Yup, it has hit the town, hard!

Less than 2 weeks to go but the fever has reached a soaring height. Everything is dedicated to this adrenalin pumping, heart racing sport. Banners hung all over the city, simulation placed at the concourse of shopping complexes race car on display. Talking about display, sadly there were only of the prancing horses and BMW… eeek… yeah…it’s because one is sponsored by the national petroleum company, another is sponsored by a popular oil company as well, popular here, much popular than Mobil or Esso (which is now known as Exxon Mobil, over here at least) or Caltex. So, I didn’t take any pictures of the race cars as there were none of the McLarens.


Come hither … watch out for scantily clad women in knee high leather (in this darn hot weather?!) boots and micro mini skirt moving seductively around the carbon fiber road monsters!

You’re still not too late go ahead and catch them at OU if you’re a fan of Honda racing team which I’m not! Too bad it was last years car, so you won’t be able to see them in their new livery! And if you’re in the city center, no harm going to to KLCC to drool over the BMW machinery.

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It’s either the heat of election or the chill of the winter wind?

It ain’t winter no more … does that even makes sense? … negative + negative = blurry mind @ intoxication!

The Finns have been busy with their election, is that why Non-blogging has been silent of late? Just wondering if you’re alive or still hibernating somewhere near the North Pole. Aren’t the icecaps melting? We’re practically suffering down here because of the heat or of the “El Niño” effect.

Anyways, I have a feeling the elections are coming our way soon, a little bird told me so. We’ll just have to wait and see if that’s true although the guy sitting high up there has been denying the claims by the (I can’t remember which) groups. This will be my third time placing a vote. Will my vote make a difference? It will no matter how small. Whatever the results, I hope it will bring much improvement to the country economically wise etc.

Anyway, this is a sensitive topic, I don’t want to lose my job & dragged to prison. I’ll stop here, period.

What’s that you hear from a distance?

With the ignition switched on, golden liquid fuel pumping into the engine, a cloud of smoke fuming out of the exhaust nozzle followed by the loud screeching of tyres on the hot tarmac.

Welcome to the new season of F1.

A welcoming “noise & air pollution” to some, especially the ardent fans of Formula Uno, but a nuisance to the others.

I have been counting for this day to arrive, and it finally has. This year I hope, would be a great year for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch! But, having Alonso in the team will help McLaren finally win both Championships. With Hamilton as a strong partner, albeit only a rookie, but a valuable one indeed.

I’ve been following the winter testings as well as Friday’s practices and today’s qualifying. I’ve been impressed by the performance of Hamilton and Heidfeld. Although the former has never driven on this particular circuit, he has shown that he is able to handle the pressure well. But, what counts most is race day. He will be starting alongside Heidfeld who drives a BMW powered engine, let’s see which German powered engine will prevail! Heidfeld being a German driving a German powered race car would definitely want to beat the silver arrow as he was once employed by the three pointed star race team as a test driver before he became an F1 driver for the Sauber team. I have no idea if he holds any grudges over them for not picking him to replace Mika Hakkinen but instead picked the “iceman” from Finland. So, this would be the best time to show off his skills by beating the McLarens as he has been provided with a quick and reliable package by BMW. However, since I’m rooting for McLaren to win their first Grand Prix of the year, I hope both McLaren drivers will be on the podium (standing proudly as the 1st & 2nd placed winners of the OZ Grand Prix) while Heidfeld or Kimi will earn the remaining place on the podium.

That’s my prediction, there will also be a close fight between Fisico, and maybe the Super Aguri drivers since their car seem to be much quicker than their big bros, Honda driven by Button & Barrichelo. Humm, Ruebens, any regrets of jumping ship to Honda?

Oh yeah, Heidfeld, please shave off that ugly hairy thingy which covers that strong jaw of yours. You look much older than your age! Yeah, I know it’s called a beard!

Updated at 1259

Well, Kimi won, Alonso 2nd & the McLaren rookie 3rd. Next race will be the hottest race ever, hopefully a better race for the McLaren boys!

I hate

posh spice & I hate her fashion sense. I wouldn’t even be caught dead with the same hairstyle as hers. Martika is more of my type. If you’ve never heard of her, she’s one of the 80’s icons. Her song ‘Toy Soldier’ was made famous by Eminem a few years back.

Yup, Martika definitely looks better so hence my decision to have a similiar haircut. I know I have promised myself to grow my hair long, but as you see promises are meant to be broken what more when you’re experiencing heat waves (I’m exaggerating) ! It’s definitely hot & humid, plus I’m not bold enough to shave my head bald ala Britney! 8)


Where art thou?

The OCS Alumni web page is currently unaccessible due to some unforeseen reasons, it has been difficult for us to stay & keep in touch with the rest of the Alumni. The last news or message I’ve heard was from Reem Ben Halim aka Ocsgal. Reem, I’ve replied to your message, hope you’ll have a nice trip back to Libya. Do remember to snap a lot of pics of the school and Tripoli if or when you have the time. Plus if you do meet up with any of our friends or ex-teachers, do send them my regards.

What about the rest?

  • Üner – he is lecturing in Greece
  • Lana, Ban, Erin, Dimple Shah – in the UK
  • Arvind & Parisa are in the States
  • Timur – in Egypt
  • Asim – back in Pakistan
  • David – in Sweden
  • Yakub – Turkey
  • Cristina – Switzerland
  • Omar, Sheba – Canada
  • Dong Young – Korea?
  • Reem – Norway
  • Evelyna & Turis – Malaysia


Ferial, Claire, Sevgi, Miroslav, Mikko, Hana Hilal, Hana Nafati, Ursula, Aeysha, Riham, Awet.

We’ve missed:

Elena Gent – You will always be remembered.

My Addiction

to Liverpool matches… not any more, I can go on with life even though I’ve missed a live match on t.v.

But, I can’t live without my drug, a mug of freshly brewed coffee (preferably cappucino or caramel machiato) or a tin of iced coffee. Missing a cup of coffee would mean a disaster about to happen! Believe me, you wouldn’t want to cross my path when I’m in a foul mood. Blame it on the lack of caffeine in my system!

It’s a must, you see, as it keeps me A.W.A.K.E., a stimulant which helps me start my day and somehow after a drink, I’m full of energy!

As for today, since I had more than a cup of coffee, I’m still wide awake. Maybe I should be drafting my resumé …

The morning cup of coffee has an exhilaration about it which the cheering influence of the afternoon or evening cup of tea cannot be expected to reproduce.  ~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., “Over the Teacups,” 1891