This is how it should be

I can’t believe how I had missed reading this true story. 2 (two) years have passed and such issue would no longer be of importance to some, but it has truly touched my heart! What had caught my attention was the headline. Before even reading the first line of this intriguing life story, I had to ask myself these questions: What had happen to their friendship? Would such events like 9/11 lead to the lost of one of many or would ones bonds grow stronger?

To find out, read the personal story below written by an Australian teenager.

My Story: Emails to Understanding

I desperately wanted a pen friend. I was 13, had just started high school, and craved for someone to talk to. So I logged onto all of the pen friend websites I could find on the Internet, scanning them for any girls of my age from different countries.

I wasn’t fussy. I wrote to a Swede, an Italian, an American, a Finn, an Arab and an Egyptian, informing them about my hobbies, my family and Australia. Only one girl replied: the Egyptian. When I opened my e-mail inbox and saw the reply, I was excited, to say the least. I had a thirst for knowledge about religion and culture, but most of all for that bond between two people called friendship. Her name was Noran Hussein. She lived in an apartment in the centre of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, and her parents were doctors. She wrote that she would love to be my pen friend, but had one question: was I a male or female? Her mother would allow her to write only to a female.

We started off by telling each other about the basics of our lives. Right from the start I could tell that we shared similar traits – like our stubbornness and moodiness! Gradually we worked up to discussing issues and problems concerning the world. I asked her about her religion, Islam, and soon learned about Ramadan and her other festivals and customs. Eventually we started corresponding by snail mail too, swapping photos and small presents. It was truly amazing – on the World Wide Web, out of millions of people, I had found a best friend.

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if this is true …

Women can’t survive without men, am not talking about reproduction or sex here. So some women claim that you need to be married in order to achieve something, besides kids … but in this modern world you could always adopt so there’s no need to get attached to some hopeless dude!

I find it very frustrating and irritating when someone outside of your circle of friends or family members would actually pounce on you and preach to you about staying single and proclaim the wonders of married life. Bull shit, that’s what I would say, but not in their face.

Something happened today, something which I was not satisfied with so I blabbed to someone whom I refuse to name that I plan to leave soon. She replied by saying that I could never leave because I’m not married.

Furious, livid you name it… I got back to her and said it to the world, getting married is not a problem (finding the right person is) and I’m not getting married just to solve my problems. I can ask for transfer or find a new job without getting married. It is not the end of the world if you’re not married. It is your choice, the choice you make. At the end of the day you’d be on your own in your own grave. Will your so-called beloved husband be there by your side?

Therefore, I am going to prove to her and the rest that I can stand on my own feet. Self-centered bitch, you can call me that, but I don’t care because I’m not hurting you emotionally nor you’re hurting me emotionally, mentally & physically. I haven’t gone through that but that’s what I see around me. Too many women being dumped by their partners or husbands, kids suffer because of lack of love. What more proof do I need? I am happy as I am so leave me alone!

“I don’t need a man to make it happen
I get off being free
I don’t need a man to make me feel good
I get off doing my thing
I don’t need a ring around my finger
To make me feel complete”

PCD – I Don’t Need A Man