Restless Nights

I’ve never been so worried before, (well, actually I have, a few years back while waiting for my acceptance letter from MU to pursue the undergrad program there. At the same time I fear for my life as I didn’t want to be forced to enter marriage life so soon, immediately after completing my O-Levels. My parents threatened to marry me off if I don’t do well. Gosh, parents can be so cruel sometimes! Well, I made sure I did well enough not to be in the marriage market! ;-P) and I don’t think I want to go through it again.

Post grad exam results are OUT! A course mate text messaged me. Me, being a coward, shaking in my shoes decided to ignore the message. Until another friend text messaged me again this morning. I could not take it any longer, I had to check my exam results. I feared I would fail one of my elective papers. I prayed that I would not fail as this is my final semester. I do not want to go through the torture of studying for another semester. After work, I decided to drop by the faculty, my prayers were answered. Alhamdulillah. Now, I can proceed and concentrate on my research report/thesis. Thank God once again.

I would have to go through a lot more torture now, but I guess it is worth the time and the pain!

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With little time in my hands, to enjoy that is, I should make full use of it. I don’t know where will I be heading tonight, but tomorrow will be spending some time with mom since it’s mother’s day and all.


Love it! Muah Muah

rafa on grass

Calm, cool & collected! My job’s done, it’s all yours now!

[LFC vs Chelsea at Anfield, Champions League 2nd leg, May 2007]