Desktop Challenge II (I think) / Psychoanalysis

I don’t think this is the first time I’m participating in such a challenge. I must have placed an image of my desktop in an earlier post but am too lazy to search for it (although it isn’t difficult at all to do so) plus I’ve replaced the older desktop with a new one.

I was not in the mood to add an entry but changed my mind after visiting PH‘s blog. So this is what it looks like now.

Decided to get a haircut today, although I had it trimmed a few weeks ago. It shows how fussy a person can be! Every cut matters, looking & feeling good matters even though it’ll be covered up under the veil or to others, a long cloth! Have you seen those Arab women, ever wondered what they had underneath that long robe? Gosh, it could be a Gucci dress or Valentino gown. It’s of great importance to ooze with confidence and dressing up is on great way of doing so!

Interested to know what a psychoanalyst has to say about your desktop? Click here.

On a happier note: My cousin’s wedding will be held on the 7th so I hope to capture a few pictures for keeps. Then I’ll be off to Langkawi for a week on a wilderness trip. Won’t be bringing my camera, so no pictures I guess and will be back just in time for the groom’s wedding reception on the next day!


4 Replies to “Desktop Challenge II (I think) / Psychoanalysis”

  1. Well first off your lazy ( joking).

    hmmm…..your a peaceful person at heart, a romantic person, a bit religious ( blue mosque ), you like drawing and have a good taste for color ( stylish?)…..and now you owe me a comment :).

    salaam sis and mabrouk on your cousins wedding and 3a3’balek.

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