A Nation Turns 50

Once a sleepy backwater town, it has now turned into a modern city with high-rise buildings nearly touching the sky. Kuala Lumpur, KL in short, the nation’s capital hosts the 50th Merdeka (FREEDOM) celebration. A proud milestone to have reached for this former mining town. The Merdeka Square, situated in the heart of the city is where the red, white and blue the colors of the Union Jack was lowered and replaced by the Malayan flag.

Merdeka Square (Source: Wikipedia)

At 50, she is still a child learning but not leaning on other nations to provide funds. A nation that is able to stand on its feet and aid others in need during unforeseen circumstances, be it in the form of financial aid or sending humanitarian aid to the people affected by tsunami which hit the Aceh province, for example.

At 50, I personally hope to see this nation progress and the people which consist of different races, religion, culture and tradition to live peacefully with one another. Confrontations may occur once in a while, but there should be a successful resolution to the problem(s).

“Relationships–of all kinds–are like sand held in your hand. Held loosely, with an open hand, the sand remains where it is. The minute you close your hand and squeeze tightly to hold on, the sand trickles through your fingers. You may hold onto some of it, but most will be spilled. A relationship is like that. Held loosely, with respect and freedom for the other person, it is likely to remain intact. But hold too tightly, too possessively, and the relationship slips away and is lost.”

 Kaleel Jamison

With that, I wish you a Happy 50th Birthday.

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Blogging from Facebook

No sign of activity from me for quite a while now at wordpress as I was busy else where, that place is no other than facebook.

I stumbled upon it one day and was entranced by its features and mazes of networks. Arms and feet were grasped tightly by vines that it was difficult for me to escape. However, today was a lucky day for me as I was looking for an escape route I was led to a path. That path brought me home. I sighed with relief when I saw the familiar color of the walls and design, home sweet home!

I screamed with joy, elated to share the news of the old friends I had met during my brief escapade. Now, I hope everyone at home will share the joy with me.


Humans are ‘funny’ creatures. I bet you would agree to that notion. God has created this able body to respond, react and to function at its fullest. Somehow, we take for granted of what was given to us. This gift of God.

I, for one, would not deny that I am also guilty of being unappreciative of what was bestowed upon me. No, I am not talking about wealth or worldly things — but health. Our fixation of gaining material wealth has blinded us therefore we have placed $$ right at the top of our list while health has been pushed down a level or two or may not be in the list at all!

I wasn’t concerned about my well-being up to a day ago, when I had a slight fever. I was supposed to have a break — lie on the bed & shake my leg — forget about work. However, it wasn’t to be. My body could not accept this as it is so used to having me being mobile and active. From that day on wards I have decided to stay active to shrug off the fever and headache and doing minor exercise as in window shopping! I have to admit, it is one of my weaknesses.

We seem to forget about the importance of it once we have regained our health. What about those who may never recover? It may be no fault of our own, it may be due to others doing. An accident. What goes through our minds when looking upon a lifeless body on the hospital bed, relying on the life-support machine, oblivious to his surroundings? For a moment there, we would begin to think of ourselves.

How could we forget that “Health is Wealth”?

Memories … for Romana

What’s left with me are only memories, the objects can no longer be seen or found. Most have disappeared with time and travels. What’s left are only the vivid scenes in my mind and heart. How I dream to turn back time and gather all my belongings which I may have discarded on my journey home. Life taken for granted, thinking one will come back one day, how ungrateful one can be!

Memories … what’s left of it …


Team mate war

Things are heating up at McLaren, what with the spy scandal and now the controversial qualifying strategy conducted by the team. Having both talented drivers fighting for the championship must be a headache for Uncle Ron and I fear that both drivers will be leaving the team at the end of the year as they are unsatisfied with the way they are treated or the way McLaren handle their drivers. It’s all gossip or rumors, I hope, nothing substantial.

The past few years have not been as colourful as this season’s. It was difficult for me to watch McLaren not winning a single race, however this year is just the opposite. McLaren have been trading and exchanging places with Ferrari on the top spot of the podium.

Back to yesterday’s quali, I don’t know who was in the wrong. Everyone was pointing fingers at each other. Was it the team’s doing or was it Hamilton’s stubbornness or Alonso’s ego doing the thinking. I was elated at first to see an all McLaren frontrow, but somehow had a tingling feeling that something was wrong when I saw Alonso stalling in the pit area during the 3rd Quali. Due to his (his team’s) rash actions, Alonso has been penalised and demoted to 6th place while McLaren won’t be earning any constructors points. Drats. You know what that means, Ferrari will be able to play catch up. Unless an unfortunate incident were to happen to them.

Are the FIA still rooting for Ferrari to win the Championship?

Hamilton won the race and Alonso only managed to get 4th. However, McLaren is barred from attending the Trophy presentation except for the drivers. Therefore they gain no constructor points, for now. Result of their appeal will be heard and announced somewhere next week.

Shopping Therapy

Going through the most excruciating weeks of my life nearly killed me! The burden of work and responsibilities put me in a very foul mood. I was looking forward to the weekends, a weekend of therapy and pampering. Not only to the mind but body and soul. To re- energize this creation of God before the whole new week dawns again.

The weekend had induced a sense of giddiness which tingled all over my body. I had been dreaming all night of this sleek hard body, no not of a man but of a HD7 Sony Cybershot digital camera. Any photo enthusiast would die for one as it is affordable and light. So, I’ll be sure to capture more night shots from the beautiful cities of Spain and Morocco.

That wasn’t the only thing I splurged on. In fact I got myself a calf high boots by Hush Puppies. Hope they’ll look good with my skinny jeans/boot cut jeans or long denim skirt. Can’t wait to go out with ’em.

Princess Shahrazad


I had a great conversation last night with a beautiful Persian lady who calls herself Princess Shahrazad. I hope the feeling’s mutual.

A unique and intriguing lady who has lots to say about the world, she seems older than her age dispensing wisdom on a variety of subject to the rest of human kind. Although it was our first conversation,   we felt comfortable sharing tid bits with each other.

With the help of advance technology, we are able to bridge the gap between us. Unfortunately, some gaps could not be filled due to the slow internet connection.  Hence, the problem begins and I had to log off. So Princess Shahrazad, sorry for the abrupt departure. You know how it is in the cybersphere.

Hope to chat with you soon.