Shopping Therapy

Going through the most excruciating weeks of my life nearly killed me! The burden of work and responsibilities put me in a very foul mood. I was looking forward to the weekends, a weekend of therapy and pampering. Not only to the mind but body and soul. To re- energize this creation of God before the whole new week dawns again.

The weekend had induced a sense of giddiness which tingled all over my body. I had been dreaming all night of this sleek hard body, no not of a man but of a HD7 Sony Cybershot digital camera. Any photo enthusiast would die for one as it is affordable and light. So, I’ll be sure to capture more night shots from the beautiful cities of Spain and Morocco.

That wasn’t the only thing I splurged on. In fact I got myself a calf high boots by Hush Puppies. Hope they’ll look good with my skinny jeans/boot cut jeans or long denim skirt. Can’t wait to go out with ’em.


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