Team mate war

Things are heating up at McLaren, what with the spy scandal and now the controversial qualifying strategy conducted by the team. Having both talented drivers fighting for the championship must be a headache for Uncle Ron and I fear that both drivers will be leaving the team at the end of the year as they are unsatisfied with the way they are treated or the way McLaren handle their drivers. It’s all gossip or rumors, I hope, nothing substantial.

The past few years have not been as colourful as this season’s. It was difficult for me to watch McLaren not winning a single race, however this year is just the opposite. McLaren have been trading and exchanging places with Ferrari on the top spot of the podium.

Back to yesterday’s quali, I don’t know who was in the wrong. Everyone was pointing fingers at each other. Was it the team’s doing or was it Hamilton’s stubbornness or Alonso’s ego doing the thinking. I was elated at first to see an all McLaren frontrow, but somehow had a tingling feeling that something was wrong when I saw Alonso stalling in the pit area during the 3rd Quali. Due to his (his team’s) rash actions, Alonso has been penalised and demoted to 6th place while McLaren won’t be earning any constructors points. Drats. You know what that means, Ferrari will be able to play catch up. Unless an unfortunate incident were to happen to them.

Are the FIA still rooting for Ferrari to win the Championship?

Hamilton won the race and Alonso only managed to get 4th. However, McLaren is barred from attending the Trophy presentation except for the drivers. Therefore they gain no constructor points, for now. Result of their appeal will be heard and announced somewhere next week.


4 Replies to “Team mate war”

  1. Yes Romana, I am an ex-OCS student. Were I to stay there till 12th grade, I would belong to the Class of 94. Unfortunately I left in 88 after I had completed my 6th grade. Quite a number of us left that year.

  2. I missed the spy thing completely. I hope that old Ronnie gets back into his wits and keeps his own jewelry (the drivers!) happy. If he doesn’t the silver arrows might go for a deep dive for years to come.

    I used to follow F1 so closely. I was even refusing to pick up the phone during races. But during the years of Ferrari domination I got rather bored. This season I have been aware, in the corner of my mind, that the WC is a pretty close affair, and that a lot of new talent is surfacing. Ages ago I told you that I wold root for Kimi, no matter what car. I was wrong, I just cannot root for a guy in a Ferrari. Surprise.

  3. Adam, there are just too many things going on in the F1 world at the moment. I fear for mclaren’s sake. Some fans or critics believe that mclaren are not in the wrong in the case of the team mate war at hungary. Therefore, they should no be penalised as it does not affect other teams. I hope that’s true come Sept 13, I think that was the date set for the hearing.

    Thank god they are ‘enjoying’ a 3 week break, I think everyone at mclaren needs a breath of fresh air after being accused of spying and then this! Let’s just hope both drivers will reconcile their differences for their team’s sake. This year may be the year for them to win both the WC & WDC, if you recall they have an up and down season for the past odd years!

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