IFTAR (إفطار)

Tomorrow’s menu will be a special one. Yes, it’ll definitely be a crossroad between East & West, a fusion of taste and vibrant in color. Mom will serve cous cous with beef soup, chicken curry and Libyan soup @ Sharba Libya with orzo and baguette. I’ll be preparing the drinks — iced Apple Mint juice with a squeeze of lemon!

What will you be having on the 6th day of Ramadan?


I feel …

… the Earth move under my feet!

I wasn’t lying, ok that was partly true. But I did feel the Earth move this morning at around 0730. I was sitting comfortably on my chair, catching up on one of my novels when all of a sudden I felt a vibration. It wasn’t my phone as I left it on my desk, once again I felt another vibration, I was curios now. Suddenly, loud voices were heard from above, hurried footsteps running down the staircase. They’ve felt the tremors too. Once again, an earthquake has hit Indonesia island. The second one in 2 days. Will the scenes from the movie the Sinking of Japan turn into reality? A chain reaction which will lead to world destruction.

Ramadan Al-Karim

Wishing all Muslims Ramadan Mubarak. May it be a prosperous, spiritual & peaceful time to all no matter the place, time or condition. Tomorrow or according to the Islamic calendar tonight (after Maghrib) will be the start of the month of Ramadan for those living in this part of the globe.

Sad ;-(

McLaren’s start this weekend may not be a great one after being fined for the light weight gearbox. So-called new evidence are being slapped on their faces, claiming that their drivers are also involved in the spying case. Alonso had a problem with his start during practice. This is beginning to be a nightmare not only for Alonso, RD, McLaren but also their fans. They did begin quite well, however all may be lost (championship points and may even be banned from competing next season) in just a blink of an eye if they were found guilty for spying etc.

I’ve lost all interest in watching the F1 race after reading the latest news today. Deep inside, I don’t think I can pull away from the TV screen, but my irritation & anger over such claims pout forth against McLaren has made me sick to the stomach. Hence, I had no choice but to vent it here!

I often ask myself this question: Would Ferrari go through this if they were in the same shoes as McLaren? I doubt it.

UPDATED: Sept 9, 23oo hrs

Alonso got his wish, but everyone in the McLaren camp may be in a sombre mood as they’re called to court this Thursday. I hope it’s good news for the McLaren camp & fans.

Remember this?


Adnan wa Lina (Adnan and Lina) @ Future Boy Conan, what ever the title may be it is a cartoon produced by a Japanese Animation Company and was shown in Libya back in the mid 80’s.

It is set in mid 2008, humankind were at war (how ironic) which has brought destruction to Earth. Escape was near impossible, only a few managed to survive when their spaceship landed on an island . Years gone by and a boy was born by the name of Conan @ Adnan, one of the two inhabitants of the island left. The other is his grandfather. Not long after he meets a girl by the name of Lana @ Lina and their adventure begins from that moment. (Is this what he (the creator) sees? The end of the Earth, end of human race?)

It was translated into Arabic and I did watch all 26 episodes without fail, although my understanding of the language was next to none. I wasn’t the only one at home who was hooked on the show. So were my parents. Partly because there were limited programs to watch or aired then besides the daily propaganda. We recorded the cartoon and hope to share the great storyline with family members once we return to our motherland. The series was indeed a hit!


20 years has passed, it is still being aired and watched by millions (including my dad who is watching it right this moment on Animax, in English this time) all across the globe. It still manages to grab the interest of its audience of all ages and languages.