I feel …

… the Earth move under my feet!

I wasn’t lying, ok that was partly true. But I did feel the Earth move this morning at around 0730. I was sitting comfortably on my chair, catching up on one of my novels when all of a sudden I felt a vibration. It wasn’t my phone as I left it on my desk, once again I felt another vibration, I was curios now. Suddenly, loud voices were heard from above, hurried footsteps running down the staircase. They’ve felt the tremors too. Once again, an earthquake has hit Indonesia island. The second one in 2 days. Will the scenes from the movie the Sinking of Japan turn into reality? A chain reaction which will lead to world destruction.


One Reply to “I feel …”

  1. I’m glad you and your family are ok and that everything is fine and thank God for that and inshaa Allah this is the end of it and you can continue with a peaceful month of fasting.

    take care and salaam

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