Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures

The recent influx of mobile phone brands from the US, Europe and Asia has given consumers a difficult task of choosing the best phone in the market (that is within their budget). Consumers are spoiled for choice as the phones in the market come in various sizes, colors and features. One would have to ask oneself what they are looking for @ their preference be it a talk & text phone; camera phone; music phone; design phone or web and email phones.

I too, went through this difficult but not impossible task of choosing the desired cell phone. Recently, my SE Z520i phone has gone bonkers. The screen has gone blank on me, hence I was not able to send text and/or picture messages.

Some user comments of the same problem faced when using the Z520i:

“same issue with the blank white screen!! sad, because it was a good phone, nice to use. about six months ago it threw a tantrum, blank white screen when fully open or a regular screen but it moved it and out of the frame really fast…very weird/annoying. was told by an independent repair person (NOT assc with S.erric) thats its a design fault with the LCD cable that runs up from the bottom shell. also, at times has cut me off mid phone call or seems to ‘lose’ the battery and turn itself off. the 1st time it went mental (3 weeks out of warranty) i put it in to get fixed, took nearly 2 weeks to get back (and the front closed screen has never worked since) 6 months later its doing the same thing again, after having it for about 1.5 years I have given up on it.”

“Hello everybody, I agree with ‘yap’. Same to me, I own the phone for 1.5 yrs now, with good handling and care, but the phone just became dead recently. Just as Yap has mentioned, mine turns out blank – a white screen. There was no sign of problem before and it just died on me when I was setting up my alarm clock. Guess this phone must have a short life span and not durable.
Also, agreed with ‘phonecritic’, that you can’t delete the useless tones and things in the phone coz they are protected files. This holds up memory space and it’s worse that it doesn’t have expandable memory (like a mini-SD card slot).

Therefore, I had to shop for a new one and I have decided to get a (Urban Silver as the Evening Red one is sold out) SE K610i (although not the latest design in the market). It has similar features as my previous phone.

Note to myself: no more clam shell phones, both phones (Motorola V600 & SE Z520i) I had used went crazy on me. They’ve got a short shelf life too.


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