It’s been so long since I did go on a movie marathon. The last time my friends & I went on the rampage was back in the late 90’s. Trying to catch 3 movies in a row, it was so long ago I can’t even recall the titles. But to some, this ain’t crazy. It’s normal! What the heck..I don’t care what you guys think!

We ended up watching 2 movies yesterday, Bride Wars & Inkheart (end up paying $19 for the parking space! But I guess it was worth every cent). The former a romantic comedy while the latter a fantasyand I’ll give the thumbs up for both although I’m not a Brendan Fraser fan. I wasn’t planning to jump into the bandwagon and I have to admit it wasn’t the best movie I’ve watched (based on my limited viewing). I still find Lord of the Rings & Pirates of the Caribbean being at the top of my list. Another fave of mine is Les Miserables starring Claire Danes. But, if you feel you need to loosen up a bit, then go ahead and watch these 2 movies. Suprisingly, both were packed full!! I guarantee that you’ll leave with a smile plastered on your face. No, and Farid is not the reason!