Back from the “DEAD”?

I’m glad to be “home” at last! I’ve been away for so long, it seems like donkey years that I can’t recall when was the last time I posted an entry here, my second home. 

Was there any excuse for being away? I am trying to think of one, or two or maybe more. I think I should list them down…here goes!

  1. writer’s block
  2. blame it all on Facebook (spent most of my time Facebooking)
  3. busy with this huge “project”
  4. too exhausted (mentally and physically)
  5. nearly gave up on blogging, lost the interest!
  6. hadn’t been travelling much

Humm,….I guess that answers my question, now I have to find inspiration to blog once more…What’s the answer to that, I want to know, besides travelling that is.

Below is a proof that I was involved in a very important project.

Meeting Area
17th Conference of Commonwealth Education Ministers

The pic is a ‘lil blurry due to insufficeint lighting, I guess or my colleague has got shaky hands! Darn!!