My Craving for Adventure Lead Me to Gunung Ledang

Our journey begins just after midnight, clear skies and twinkling stars accompanied us all the way to Sagil, a little village not far from the legendary mountain, Gunung Ledang.

The Climbers (Photos Courtesy of Senor Syed and Kojak)

Along the way, we decided to make a pit stop, you know to stretch our legs, empty our bladder and bowels…ehehe, or catch a cup or two! It’s a two-hour journey you know, so it’s important that we drive comfortably and reach our destination safely!

We took the North – South Highway and exit at Tangkak, a village bordering the State of Melaka and Johor. Then, took the country road to Sagil where our guide patiently waited for us, in front of the 7-Eleven Store. It was 3 am, still much too early for us to do anything plus our bodies were crying for a much needed rest! Moi, our guide was accommodating enough to let us catch a wink or two at his little abode.

Morning came much too soon, we groggily, moved and transported ourselves into the awaiting vehicle to grab some carbs, protein & fluid before setting off on this treacherous journey!

Fueling ourselves with food

to be continued….


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