…missing my varsity life?

What do I miss? My alma mater or my lecturers or my courses or the friends I made? Actually, I miss all the fun things we did together! How young and “innocent” we were then!

I remember vividly the day we first met, all innocent, cleaned up and raring to start a new chapter in our lives. A week passed by, then a month, our lives unfold before us. We’ve blossomed into young adults, in search of our own identity. You’d recognize us from a far, in our checkered shirts, Levi’s or CK jeans, boots or leather sandals and JanSport knapsack which slowly evolves into dresses or  skirts with fitted t-shirts or blouses and sling bags (towards the end of our undergrad / senior years).

Remember this, and what we did later?

Remember the days when:

  1. we went on a study/field trip to the National Art Gallery/ the then Balai Seni Lukis Negara (overlooking the the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station) and decided to skip / ditch our evening class!
  2. traveled all the way to Lot 10, to get them free 98° concert tickets (did we play truant again? I can’t recall!) or some other bands! Back then it was the Corrs, BSB etc.
  3. catch a movie marathon at Sunway Pyramid, until we went giddy with hunger!
  4. sneaked out to catch a concert at Sunway Lagoon
  5. go on blind dates for God knows how many times!
  6. spend all your waking time on mIRC Chat Room (what a waste of time!)
  7. ….too many to remember…
  8. oh yeah, stalking your CRUSH! … Damn, those were the days! The dumb things we do! LOL
  9. But, one thing which I will always remember = our Pre-ESL Nite!
Those were the days, when we were young =)

Care to share what you missed most? I can’t list them all here….if I do, I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop! See….


4 Replies to “…missing my varsity life?”

  1. yes.. miss my varsity life too.. when we don’t have to wake early every morning.. spend A LOT of time with friends.. merayap-rayap.. assignment copy cat je.. quizzes discuss2.. opss.. hehe.. best2… wish could do it all over minus the exams!! huhu..

    p.s: u look chubbier back then eh?

  2. Yes, we really grew up fast, didn’t we? I remember our friends, the RPKJs, the Hayats, Fizikals & Pra-Ak (Pre-Acc) were all envious of us Pre-Eslians for we didn’t have to do calculus or accounts or bio or physics! All they see us do were read and read and read, novels! Erm not Shakespeare! That we obviously had to read but other modern literature! he he….Well, don’t be jealous, as we think so we become!

    Erm, I was chubbier during my happier times…ehehehe

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