India, here I come!

India? You plan to travel to India? Of all places, India? Why?

“Why not?” I replied.

I’ve been there, lived there for a few months, I know what’s it like. So I know what to expect, but that was some time back, 19 years ago to be exact. Ohhh….my…. that seems ages ago…. things must have changed….

Am looking forward to visit the Taj Mahal again …. hopefully, am more appreciative this time around! This time, we’ll be visiting Delhi, Agra and Srinagar. Have been to the first two but not the latter! Looking forward to spend the night on the boathouse! Yeehah!

Will be leaving on the 20th of October! Mentally ticking clothes to pack and footwear to put on! I think it’ll be more rugged wear this time for me…. Can’t wait!

Have boots, will travel!