I “HEART” Chocolate

Have you got a sweet tooth? I have. I’m addicted to these yummy, creamy, substance no matter the shape or form. Yup, I can even have it for breakfast. Yikes, that reminds me, I need to step on the weighing machine (that’s what most women do, weigh themselves & see if they’ve actually gained a kilo or lose more kilos!)

Lately,I had an uncontrollable desire to savor the bitter sweet taste of dark chocolate. Must be all the reading I’d been doing. I’m not saying I haven’t been doing any reading before, more of light reading then! Since exams is just around the corner & papers to be returned, I’ve been using more of my cognitive skills than before! So the past few days I have been eating a bite or two (3 bites of my kek batik) daily as I believe chocolate empowers brain power. It’s funny while enjoying & lusting for more chocolate, my brain keeps telling me to stop, enough sugar already! Would you want to die of diabetes? That’s unfair, can’t I enjoy the moment peacefully.


Satisfaction : )

Tried out a recipe yesterday, ah nothing spectacular or complicated really,it’s only kek Batik. It’s simple, you don’t even need to bake it in the oven.


6 eggs

1 can of full cream milk  (& reuse the can – fill it to the brim with water)
1 bar of butter

200g of Milo

3 tbsp of cocoa

1 packet of Marie biscuits


First, beat the eggs together with full cream milk and butter and set aside. Break biscuits into pieces and set it aside. Then, prepare a non stick pan, pour in Milo (or any chocolate powder you have in your cupboard), 3 tablespoons of cocoa (mine was Van Houten) and a water. Stir it over the stove until it thickens and turns into a beautiful dark brown mixture. Once that’s done, add the eggs which you have prepared earlier. Stir the mixture until it thickens,  don’t forget to switch the stove off and pour in your Marie biscuits. Pour into a tin or any pans you have hidden in your kitchen cabinet. Press the chocolate dough, let it cool for a few minutes & then place it in the fridge.

Finally it’s ready to be served!

got a sweet tooth?

Yeah I do. I am a chocolate lover, white, black, bitter, minty … all types would be fine with me! But have you ever tried eating chocolate ice-cream with tapai? What? Never heard of tapai? Basically it’s a traditional dish, me thinks ;P, made of glutinous rice which has been fermented and added sugar. Don’t ask me how it works, don’t know the process, for that, I would have to interview one of my aunts! hey maybe you science nerds would know!!

Well, back to tapai, it’s a delicacy, and normally served during special occasion, I’m not certain here, again. Yeah, that’s when I normally eat tapai anyways! During kenduris & wedding receptions, served as dessert.

So, today, mom bought some tapai from the market & asked me to try eating it with chocolate ice-cream. We didn’t have any vanilla ice-cream in the freezer! It’s supposed to be mouth watering! I cringed. Not too excited by the idea. She somehow managed to encourage me to take a bite, humm taste okay. No stomach ache! Touch wood!

Well, next time I’ll have to buy a tub of vanilla ice-cream then! No harm trying. Don’t know if I’ll feel intoxicated!

I’m Going TEA Crazy

Yup, that’s true. Tea as in Chai specifically Turkish Apple Tea. I had a daily dose of turkish apple tea during my short winter stay in beautiful Istanbul. So, before we left for our homeland I bought betwen 250 – 500g of Turkish tea (natural apple tea). Got home, me being me, an over-excited gal brewed a whole pot of tea for the family. To my dismay, it doesn’t taste as good or smell as wonderful as what I had remembered. It was palatable, at least! But, unsatisfactory, in my mind!

So, when I was shopping at Ikano, I decided to check out Cold Storage and I found a box of Ahmed’s Apple Tea which I bought and cost me less than RM10. At the end of the day, I felt sorry for myself. What a waste!

I got more and more frustrated, I decided to shop online & bought the real Turkish Apple Tea, which cost me RM70 (about 7 British pounds) including freight! Well, I have just received the packet yesterday, and I’m happy at last, no sugar added….needed, it’s perfect!

p/s Brana: Are you for real? Do open a Performance Arts Academy once you’re famous! I’ve got a person in mind who loves to perform, I bet she’ll be at the right age once you’re open for business ;P

Appreciate the Simplicity of Life

A simple dish reminds you of all you have taken forgranted in your everyday life. Appreciate what is given to you as you may lose it unexpectedly.Posted by Picasa

Picture is taken by redENCLAVE using her sony ericsson z520i

“‘Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind.”
— Bertrand Russel (1872-1970), British philosopher, mathematician, social critic, writer

“I am beginning to learn that it is the sweet, simple things of life which are the real ones after all.”
— Laura Ingalls Wilder (1867-1957), American writer, novelist, “Little House on the Prairie”

Help needed!!

To all my Libyan @ North African friends / bloggers,

I am in desperate need (my mom actually!) of a recipe of a Libyan @ Tunisian dish. My mom has been pestering for ages now, she’s trying to cook this dish for sometime.

Basically, what she said it was, cooked rice covered and rolled into large leaves and then I guess you cook them for I don’t know how long. I know I’m being very vague here, but please do help me if you can!

p/s it’s not cous cous ;P, I know that!

Thank You so much!

muah muah muah


Didn’t know Russian chocolate would taste so good. The bittersweet chocolates were so special that they were only appropriate for the Tsars & Tsarinas of Imperial Russia. However, due to its popularity among the Russians, chocolate gifts become more available among its common people. There are chocolate production centers in Moscow (capital of Russia) & their second major city, St Petersberg. BTW, things are cheap in Russia ie crystal chandelier..if you’re interested!