Sad ;-(

McLaren’s start this weekend may not be a great one after being fined for the light weight gearbox. So-called new evidence are being slapped on their faces, claiming that their drivers are also involved in the spying case. Alonso had a problem with his start during practice. This is beginning to be a nightmare not only for Alonso, RD, McLaren but also their fans. They did begin quite well, however all may be lost (championship points and may even be banned from competing next season) in just a blink of an eye if they were found guilty for spying etc.

I’ve lost all interest in watching the F1 race after reading the latest news today. Deep inside, I don’t think I can pull away from the TV screen, but my irritation & anger over such claims pout forth against McLaren has made me sick to the stomach. Hence, I had no choice but to vent it here!

I often ask myself this question: Would Ferrari go through this if they were in the same shoes as McLaren? I doubt it.

UPDATED: Sept 9, 23oo hrs

Alonso got his wish, but everyone in the McLaren camp may be in a sombre mood as they’re called to court this Thursday. I hope it’s good news for the McLaren camp & fans.


Team mate war

Things are heating up at McLaren, what with the spy scandal and now the controversial qualifying strategy conducted by the team. Having both talented drivers fighting for the championship must be a headache for Uncle Ron and I fear that both drivers will be leaving the team at the end of the year as they are unsatisfied with the way they are treated or the way McLaren handle their drivers. It’s all gossip or rumors, I hope, nothing substantial.

The past few years have not been as colourful as this season’s. It was difficult for me to watch McLaren not winning a single race, however this year is just the opposite. McLaren have been trading and exchanging places with Ferrari on the top spot of the podium.

Back to yesterday’s quali, I don’t know who was in the wrong. Everyone was pointing fingers at each other. Was it the team’s doing or was it Hamilton’s stubbornness or Alonso’s ego doing the thinking. I was elated at first to see an all McLaren frontrow, but somehow had a tingling feeling that something was wrong when I saw Alonso stalling in the pit area during the 3rd Quali. Due to his (his team’s) rash actions, Alonso has been penalised and demoted to 6th place while McLaren won’t be earning any constructors points. Drats. You know what that means, Ferrari will be able to play catch up. Unless an unfortunate incident were to happen to them.

Are the FIA still rooting for Ferrari to win the Championship?

Hamilton won the race and Alonso only managed to get 4th. However, McLaren is barred from attending the Trophy presentation except for the drivers. Therefore they gain no constructor points, for now. Result of their appeal will be heard and announced somewhere next week.

Let’s share a LOL ;P

I received a text message today from a friend of mine, so I decided to share it with the world 🙂

An Arab national interviewed at US Embassy:

CONSUL: Your name, please?

ARAB: Abdul Aziz.


ARAB: 6 times a week.

CONSUL: I mean, male @ female?

ARAB: Both, male & female. Sometimes even camel.


ARAB: Yes, cows & dogs, too.

CONSUL: Wow, isn’t that hostile?

ARAB: Hostile, dogstyle, any style!

CONSUL: Oh dear!

ARAB: Deer? No deer! They run fast.

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Journalist “Unlawfully” Killed

It’s out.

A journo caught in a crossfire in Iraq between the US mil & Iraqi forces. He was shot in the back by an Iraqi bullet & the coroner claimed what brought him to his death was the bullet of an American soldier which hit his head. The other two casualties were his cameraman (whose body is still missing) & interpreter.

Death is inevitable, one will have a tragic death or a peaceful one.

All in the hands of one’s destiny.

But to die a tragic death, for one is innocent of all doings.

A mere bystander, to die in such a cruel way no matter who was guilty should be put on trial for killing a civilian.


Who does he think he is? He has got no rights to request such things. It’s up to the women if they want to put or discard the veil. It’s between them & God.

Straw said he had received a unanimously positive response to his request for Muslim women to take off their veils when they came to see him in Blackburn, the town he represents in parliament.

These are some of his critics:

But Conservative policy director Oliver Letwin said it would be a “dangerous doctrine” to start telling people how to dress, while Liberal Democrat party chairman Simon Hughes dubbed the remarks “insensitive and surprising”.

The Lancashire Council of Mosques said Mr Straw had “misunderstood” the issue and it was “deeply concerned” by his “very insensitive and unwise” statement. “For such a seasoned and astute politician to make such a comment that has shocked his Muslim constituents seems ill-judged and misconceived,” a spokesman said.

The Attack

As the fighting escalades, nothing has been done to help the Palestinians and Lebanese. In fact the US has been blaming Syria and Iran for the Middle East crisis (that’s what has been reported). The Syrian Ambassador to the US who was interviewed today believes that the the US should not put the blame on Syria. (I wish I had recorded the interview, it was a good one).

“I think the only solution is for the United States to play the role it used to play in the past and to undertake its responsibilities as a superpower and to impose on its ally Israel, restraint,” Ambassador Imad Moustapha said in an interview on CNN.

“Israel is trying to escalate a situation, the tension in the region. We have to call for restraint.”

“The typical reaction of this administration is to blame Syria. In the past you know what the U.S. administration would have done? It would send envoys to the Middle East. It would have mediated. It would have calmed down the situation. This administration typically would only blame other parties and they would do nothing,” Moustapha said.

What’s the Arab world doing? Do we have to rely on the Western nations to help those in need? No. What are the oil rich arab ntions doing? What’s the OIC doing? These questions need to be answered and actions need to be taken.

editted on 17/7/06
“The only party to blame for this collision of violence in the Middle East is Israel itself, with its continuous occupation and with the atrocities it has committed against the Palestinians, particularly in the past two months,” Moustapha said. “Now, suddenly, it is Damascus once again, and it’s Iran once again. Who is to blame for the results of their occupation?”

A time for change

The recent Palestinian elections have resulted in the resignation of the PM, a Fatah MP, due to the landslide win by Hamas. Was this a surprise? In my humble opinion, I think not. I think the Palestinians had suffered enough and have punished Fatah mainly because they are not able to reach any peace agreement. Or could it be due to corruption??Am I happy that Palestinians have voted for Hamas? Yes! I believe they have the rights to choose whomever they feel will be able to lead the country. There is a need for the wind of change as when a political party is at the helm for too long, one will know the system inside out! Which in the end will bring more harm than good. One may refute my statement, but there are many examples of such in this world especially in poor nations in Africa & Asia, even the developing countries from the other part of the world, there’s no need to mention names!

Edited: 28 January `06

A problem faced between these two parties are one is secular while the other an Islamist. Hence there has been bad blood running between them for years. The question is: How will Palestine will ever find peace when their people couldn’t work together?