A video clip of the trip to Egypt 06

After nearly a year has passed, only then did I remember to check on the shots I took. So after struggling with clip & converting it from a VOB to a wmv, I had decided to share by uploading it at ikbis. Continue reading “A video clip of the trip to Egypt 06”


This is especially for Programmer Craig

Hey, since you’ve been asking me for it, I’ve posted the pic below. I’ll see whether I’ll be able to upload the video soon. I warn you, it’s not as good as the ones we saw in Istanbul! The pic is unclear, sorry, she jiggles too much!

Travel Diary

270506 2130: Depart from KLIA to Cairo by Lufthansa via Bangkok.

280506: Arrived at Cairo airport at the wee hours of the morning. We were then driven by bus to the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Downtown Cairo. After we’ve freshen up ourselves we went out for an early walk. The street wasn’t filled with cars yet as it was still early. After exploring the city, we returned to the hotel as we did not want to miss our bus. Our tour took us to the Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, and Papyrus Institute.

It was hot and humid day but at times breezy. Wonder where did that gust of wind come from. Anyways, the place was packed with tourist of all sizes & colours ;P We even met a few Petronas engineers when we entered one of the pyramids. The view was breath taking. We planned to watched a night show that day, Light & Sound, however, we were very unfortunate as the tickets were sold out. Too bad! To make ourselves feel better, we sat down by the roadside at a small table and drank mint tea.

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Egyptian Escapade & My trip to the Holy Land

Although it was a short trip, I manage to occupy my time over in Cairo & Alexandria strolling along the busy streets of these beautiful cities. I’ve managed to capture a few pictures.
I would love to snap beautiful pictures of the interior of the Masjidil Haram & Masjidil Nabawi, however this could not be done. Anyway I was too exhausted performing my umrah. It was very special. Enough said.