World Cup Fever! NOT!!

Ah, we await no longer for it’s finally here. I should be jumping up and down, filled with joy watching fit men in colored jerseys running after a sole ball from one end to the other attempting to make their own HISTORY! However, I’ve lost the LUV for footie fever. It hasn’t been the same. In actuality, I don’t favor any team/nation. I actually am, let me humbly admit a LIVERPOOL FC fan, but I haven’t been a loyal one this past year. I haven’t been following their games or news as it frustrates me to see them struggle this season. I started to lose faith when LFC decided to let Xabi Alonso go. I believe he is an influential player. Look at him now, he is playing for the national team. His time at Liverpool & his natural skills has caught the eyes of the national coach etc. That was not the only reason for LFC’s downfall. P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S is the major culprit. It doesn’t help, when you over power others.

So back to WC’10, it’s been a lackluster event so far. (Maybe it’s just me, as you age beautifully you start to lose the interest in some things like FOOTBALL!) I don’t know how the others see it. Tell me! But it’s no secret that I’m rooting for Spain, the reasons being I LOVE Spain because of its vibrant culture & beautiful people. Yes NOTHING to do with football. Although I used to follow Real Madrid, until I lost interest once again. I want Spain to win, Torres, being a LFC player, to win and Fabregas to win just because he is HOT (that’s just a dumb reason, but who cares. You’d have to admit that he is one gorgeous dude!). I may root for Spain, but I doubt that they’ll reach the final. I guess it’s going to be an ALL South American FINALE. Do I need to mention the teams? I think not!

As you can see, or guess by now that I’m not much of a footie @ world cup fan. I guess I’ve been more of an F1 fan these days, McLaren to be exact. McLaren all the way, no matter the driver racing the fabulous race cars! I’m praying that this year will be the year for McLaren although they’ve got a tough fight in their hands in the form of the Red Bull team. RB has been totally transformed, all of a sudden they’ve been performing real well, grabbing the pole day in and day out. Must be the water they’re drinking (pun intended)! Hopefully, McLaren will have some surprises in the bag! I do hope to catch the 2nd street race of the season, tonight @ Valencia, Spain. Ahh, Spain again…& not because of Alonoso, Fernando Alonso…shish!

Spain…once more…..sigh! What’s with me & Spanish men? I don’t have an answer to that! =)

Talking about Spanish men, there’s one in action in the land of the Queens. Yes, it’s Rafael Nadal, reigning Roland Garros Champ (his 5th title) & former Wimbledon Champ (’08). He’ll be fighting / raging like a bull to win this years grass court title. It’s not impossible for a Spaniard to that at the least favorite court. But Nadal has proven it wrong. He has done it & will aim to win many more grass court events! Vamos Nadal!

So with so much sporting events in the calendar, should I be blamed for my lack of interest in the World Cup?


Sad ;-(

McLaren’s start this weekend may not be a great one after being fined for the light weight gearbox. So-called new evidence are being slapped on their faces, claiming that their drivers are also involved in the spying case. Alonso had a problem with his start during practice. This is beginning to be a nightmare not only for Alonso, RD, McLaren but also their fans. They did begin quite well, however all may be lost (championship points and may even be banned from competing next season) in just a blink of an eye if they were found guilty for spying etc.

I’ve lost all interest in watching the F1 race after reading the latest news today. Deep inside, I don’t think I can pull away from the TV screen, but my irritation & anger over such claims pout forth against McLaren has made me sick to the stomach. Hence, I had no choice but to vent it here!

I often ask myself this question: Would Ferrari go through this if they were in the same shoes as McLaren? I doubt it.

UPDATED: Sept 9, 23oo hrs

Alonso got his wish, but everyone in the McLaren camp may be in a sombre mood as they’re called to court this Thursday. I hope it’s good news for the McLaren camp & fans.

Team mate war

Things are heating up at McLaren, what with the spy scandal and now the controversial qualifying strategy conducted by the team. Having both talented drivers fighting for the championship must be a headache for Uncle Ron and I fear that both drivers will be leaving the team at the end of the year as they are unsatisfied with the way they are treated or the way McLaren handle their drivers. It’s all gossip or rumors, I hope, nothing substantial.

The past few years have not been as colourful as this season’s. It was difficult for me to watch McLaren not winning a single race, however this year is just the opposite. McLaren have been trading and exchanging places with Ferrari on the top spot of the podium.

Back to yesterday’s quali, I don’t know who was in the wrong. Everyone was pointing fingers at each other. Was it the team’s doing or was it Hamilton’s stubbornness or Alonso’s ego doing the thinking. I was elated at first to see an all McLaren frontrow, but somehow had a tingling feeling that something was wrong when I saw Alonso stalling in the pit area during the 3rd Quali. Due to his (his team’s) rash actions, Alonso has been penalised and demoted to 6th place while McLaren won’t be earning any constructors points. Drats. You know what that means, Ferrari will be able to play catch up. Unless an unfortunate incident were to happen to them.

Are the FIA still rooting for Ferrari to win the Championship?

Hamilton won the race and Alonso only managed to get 4th. However, McLaren is barred from attending the Trophy presentation except for the drivers. Therefore they gain no constructor points, for now. Result of their appeal will be heard and announced somewhere next week.

It’s boiling hot out there!

Well, it definitely is in the F1 world. Not only on the tracks but off track too. Not only between Massa & Alonso but a much more controversial issue between two established F1 teams, Ferrari & McLaren.

The McLaren-Ferrari Saga aka F1 Spy scandal aka Stepneygate, is just getting hotter and hotter especially after team McLaren escaped penalties due to lack of evidence. The Prancing Horse must be red with fury after hearing the outcome and I believe will be working night and day to find proof of stolen data being used by the silver arrows.

It is claimed that the team in red was sabotaged in one of their European races. Is there a possibility that the 3-pointed star team has been sabotaged as well? Could it be due to ones dissatisfaction with his employer let him to such act? It has been said that both of the accused wanted to use the information once they leave for a new team. Therefore, no evidence can be found on the McLaren race car.

I believe that the guilty should be punished, and I personally hope Ron Dennis’s team is intelligent enough not to steal and use the Ferrari data. It would be the dumbest and lowest act on Earth to be made by humankind. No matter how many times the red team have used sly tactics to win races and championship. It is an act not to follow! I pray to God, McLaren is honest enough to win races fairly no matter what Massa claims about Alonso’s driving style at the last European GP ;-p

Ironic, isn’t it? Weren’t the prancing horses once were the fave’s of Bernie E? Schumi isn’t there any longer, so the table’s turned. Now they’re claiming that McLaren is in favor. Hmmmm … all because of Hamilton, I guess. The future British World Champion, the first black F1 driver to win the Driver’s Championship etc … Whatever!


In the football world, things are heating up between Liverpool and Manure over the availability of Gabriel Heinze. Who will end up the winner in this transfer talk? This team is accusing that team of conducting illegal talks, the latter denies of such claims. We will just have to wait and see after Heinze decided to take legal advice over his exit from Old Trafford. Obviously, the red devil will fight tooth and nail to stop the Argentinian defender from going to the Kop.


See any similarities between these sporting teams? Ferrari = Red Devils vs McLaren = LFC

It’s here! (Updated on Avril 1)

Yes, if you’re feeling hot and sweaty with a burning desire to jump into your car and press the pedal hard onto the floor. Well, I’m no doctor, but I can surely say, those are the symptoms of the so-called “F1 FEVER”. Yup, it has hit the town, hard!

Less than 2 weeks to go but the fever has reached a soaring height. Everything is dedicated to this adrenalin pumping, heart racing sport. Banners hung all over the city, simulation placed at the concourse of shopping complexes race car on display. Talking about display, sadly there were only of the prancing horses and BMW… eeek… yeah…it’s because one is sponsored by the national petroleum company, another is sponsored by a popular oil company as well, popular here, much popular than Mobil or Esso (which is now known as Exxon Mobil, over here at least) or Caltex. So, I didn’t take any pictures of the race cars as there were none of the McLarens.


Come hither … watch out for scantily clad women in knee high leather (in this darn hot weather?!) boots and micro mini skirt moving seductively around the carbon fiber road monsters!

You’re still not too late go ahead and catch them at OU if you’re a fan of Honda racing team which I’m not! Too bad it was last years car, so you won’t be able to see them in their new livery! And if you’re in the city center, no harm going to to KLCC to drool over the BMW machinery.

No Thanks

What’s that you hear from a distance?

With the ignition switched on, golden liquid fuel pumping into the engine, a cloud of smoke fuming out of the exhaust nozzle followed by the loud screeching of tyres on the hot tarmac.

Welcome to the new season of F1.

A welcoming “noise & air pollution” to some, especially the ardent fans of Formula Uno, but a nuisance to the others.

I have been counting for this day to arrive, and it finally has. This year I hope, would be a great year for Vodafone McLaren Mercedes. I’m not counting my eggs before they hatch! But, having Alonso in the team will help McLaren finally win both Championships. With Hamilton as a strong partner, albeit only a rookie, but a valuable one indeed.

I’ve been following the winter testings as well as Friday’s practices and today’s qualifying. I’ve been impressed by the performance of Hamilton and Heidfeld. Although the former has never driven on this particular circuit, he has shown that he is able to handle the pressure well. But, what counts most is race day. He will be starting alongside Heidfeld who drives a BMW powered engine, let’s see which German powered engine will prevail! Heidfeld being a German driving a German powered race car would definitely want to beat the silver arrow as he was once employed by the three pointed star race team as a test driver before he became an F1 driver for the Sauber team. I have no idea if he holds any grudges over them for not picking him to replace Mika Hakkinen but instead picked the “iceman” from Finland. So, this would be the best time to show off his skills by beating the McLarens as he has been provided with a quick and reliable package by BMW. However, since I’m rooting for McLaren to win their first Grand Prix of the year, I hope both McLaren drivers will be on the podium (standing proudly as the 1st & 2nd placed winners of the OZ Grand Prix) while Heidfeld or Kimi will earn the remaining place on the podium.

That’s my prediction, there will also be a close fight between Fisico, and maybe the Super Aguri drivers since their car seem to be much quicker than their big bros, Honda driven by Button & Barrichelo. Humm, Ruebens, any regrets of jumping ship to Honda?

Oh yeah, Heidfeld, please shave off that ugly hairy thingy which covers that strong jaw of yours. You look much older than your age! Yeah, I know it’s called a beard!

Updated at 1259

Well, Kimi won, Alonso 2nd & the McLaren rookie 3rd. Next race will be the hottest race ever, hopefully a better race for the McLaren boys!

What the heck is wrong with Liverpool?

This is the third time in a row LFC have lost to Arsenal. It all began last year, a match held at the Emirates Stadium, followed by their lost last week at Fortress Anfield and recently at the the same venue. It is a shame to be kicked around the field and to have let in 5 goals in the early minutes of the 2nd half of play. Oh dear, the defense must be rocky & the offense must have lost their mojo.

So, what’s left? Champion’s League & the Premiership. However, Manure are already in the lead with Chelsea second, and are also going through a rocky road. LFC not far behind, but Arsenal is breathing down their necks! Will Rafa be buying any players & who will be off loaded from the Red side of the Mersey? We will have to wait and see. That’s FOOTBALL to you and me & SOCCER to the Americans.

News from the hot tarmac:

Alonso has his seat fitting at McLaren in preparation for his 1st testing in a McLaren a week from today after attending the McLaren launch on Mon the 15th. Humm, can’t wait to see him in silver overalls and racing the silver arrow to the checkered flag! Let’s see more wins from McLaren this year and hope that Alonso will bring home the Constructors as well as the Driver’s trophy to McLaren Tech Centre at Woking, England.

So cross your fingers & pray there will be no glitches subject to any mechanical failure.

Alonso’s new look.

Kimi in RED, pic from

I can’t deny that the RED outfit suits him ;-( . We won’t forget all the challenges and great & crazy maneuvers you’ve made in the silver arrow as it would often make me cringe in anticipation to see you win.

I have been experiencing writer’s block of late, hence the hiatus. I do hope, if time permits, to blab and pour out my thoughts once I am able to get a hold of my life. So much is expected of me, however, I am afraid I won’t be able to accomplish them all.

Time will come and go, it will not halt even for a millisecond. Are you ready to face the days, months and year ahead of you? Should you take it easy? It reminds me, my birthday is approaching, yet I am not prepared for it. No I’m not holding a birthday party nor do I want to celebrate it. I do not know if I want to be reminded about it. What it means to me is age is catching up, however there is so little I have done in this world. I have not accomplished certain things in life! For instance I have always wanted to work for the UN and also being actively involved in a volunteer group, although I had a short stint at WWF (Wild life and not wrestling unless you’re thinking of wrestling with the orang utans, not to that either!). So, yes. I would say that at the moment I would have to find time to help heal this world.


p/s I hate subtitles. Can’t we do something about them? It irritates me as I would end up reading them instead of listening to the dialogue. I think I’m quite proficient in my English, so I have no problem understanding what has been said but I can’t seem to control my eyes. Urgh…. HELP!