What a Girl Wants

“What a girl wants
What a girl needs
Whatever makes me happy sets you free”

crooned Xtina @ Cristina Aguilerra


What I want and what I need are new pair of shoes and I didn’t expect to buy two of them! 🙂


So, I got myself two pairs of stilettos. I don’t go for any other type of shoes as I physically do not have the height. So, flats are a No No as I would feel like a dwarf amongst giants.


Not all will feel comfortable in them, the feeling of instability will arise for those who are in uncharted waters. Surprisingly it is, (comfy that is) plus it’s elegent & sexy and looks good on you if you dream of long & sexy legs!


Stiletto uno

Stiletto uno II

Stiletto dos

Stiletto dos II


… la la la…la la la…

Thank God! Didn’t know a fresh new look would give me a new lease of life. I am a fan of women with very short hair. The spikier the better. Don’t you think so? Love the out of bed look & another reason for keeping it real short is I don’t need to use a comb just my fingers & style it however I like it!

It’s never out of style & it can be viewed as more elegant, chic & sophisticated. Don’t forget, sexy!


After buying a white pants suit today, I began to have second thoughts. Do you think it’s appropriate to put on a white/beige pants suit for a wedding dinner reception since the bride & groom will be wearing something with cream & gold? My mom said it’s fine, as long as you aren’t putting something which is much more glamourous than the bride & groom. I haven’t bought the blouse to go with the piece. I thought of getting something black to match my pair of stilettos, purse & veil. Argh, tolong!! Kalau tak kena pakai jacket hitam, baju hitam, seluar putih should I put on black coat, black blouse & white pants!

My friends have the same opinion as my mom. White pants suit is fine. Reen will be wearing black & white as well, as she wants to look slimmer!

i got one something like this, minus the man

Narciso Rodriguez – the pants I bought aren’t that slim, they’re wide legged


It looks more like this except it’s by ZARA not WUNDERKIND

white top & black pants by Narciso Rodriguez

p/s I’m glad MoJo were eliminated from the race. I don’t care if the Hippies couldn’t win the mil as long as it’s not the frat boys!

Which one?

I need to get a new pants suit @ a dress to wear … I don’t know which one to choose from. I need to get one before my friend’s wedding reception. I’m being very modern here, I’m planning to get a white pant suit @ white jacket.

I’m planning to get them from MANGO

Love the jacket, should I buy a long skirt or pants? I love B&W