It’s boiling hot out there!

Well, it definitely is in the F1 world. Not only on the tracks but off track too. Not only between Massa & Alonso but a much more controversial issue between two established F1 teams, Ferrari & McLaren.

The McLaren-Ferrari Saga aka F1 Spy scandal aka Stepneygate, is just getting hotter and hotter especially after team McLaren escaped penalties due to lack of evidence. The Prancing Horse must be red with fury after hearing the outcome and I believe will be working night and day to find proof of stolen data being used by the silver arrows.

It is claimed that the team in red was sabotaged in one of their European races. Is there a possibility that the 3-pointed star team has been sabotaged as well? Could it be due to ones dissatisfaction with his employer let him to such act? It has been said that both of the accused wanted to use the information once they leave for a new team. Therefore, no evidence can be found on the McLaren race car.

I believe that the guilty should be punished, and I personally hope Ron Dennis’s team is intelligent enough not to steal and use the Ferrari data. It would be the dumbest and lowest act on Earth to be made by humankind. No matter how many times the red team have used sly tactics to win races and championship. It is an act not to follow! I pray to God, McLaren is honest enough to win races fairly no matter what Massa claims about Alonso’s driving style at the last European GP ;-p

Ironic, isn’t it? Weren’t the prancing horses once were the fave’s of Bernie E? Schumi isn’t there any longer, so the table’s turned. Now they’re claiming that McLaren is in favor. Hmmmm … all because of Hamilton, I guess. The future British World Champion, the first black F1 driver to win the Driver’s Championship etc … Whatever!


In the football world, things are heating up between Liverpool and Manure over the availability of Gabriel Heinze. Who will end up the winner in this transfer talk? This team is accusing that team of conducting illegal talks, the latter denies of such claims. We will just have to wait and see after Heinze decided to take legal advice over his exit from Old Trafford. Obviously, the red devil will fight tooth and nail to stop the Argentinian defender from going to the Kop.


See any similarities between these sporting teams? Ferrari = Red Devils vs McLaren = LFC


Love it! Muah Muah

rafa on grass

Calm, cool & collected! My job’s done, it’s all yours now!

[LFC vs Chelsea at Anfield, Champions League 2nd leg, May 2007]

He’s gone

Well, it’s finally more speculating if he is staying or leaving the sacred grounds of Anfield. He is leaving, and I don’t care a hoot to which team he is heading to. I knew he would do an ‘owen’. Read this article:

Stephen Gerrard: Sign Up or Ship Out

Life goes on at Anfield no matter if we lose Gerrard. He may have been the inspiration for his team mates, the motivator but not 100%. But whatever it is, if he is leaving for good, thanks for the great time. Now, there’s only 1 true Scouse in the team…Are there any British players besides Carra? Humm, I can’t seem to think of any right now!

Stevie G

Hasn’t Stevie G been delaying his contract for weeks, now? Do we blame it on Liverpool management? Stevie wanted to leave since before the start of last season. Does he have the heart to play for Liverpool anymore? Is he a true Red? If he is, he would have signed no matter how much LFC is willing to give. LFC is in a financial crisis at the moment, so that’s all they can afford! Either you take it @ leave. It’s not as if he needs the money….Let’s give a hand to the poverty stricken people in Africa!! While I’m at it…stop the dreaded war & occupancy of Iraq & Afghanistan. Use the money to aid those in need, not to occupy oil rich arab nations!