A Whole Different World — Morocco

Across the Gibraltar Straits lay the land of Kings, a kingdom called Morocco. The harsh land with its mountain range cutting across her. She is also covered with soft golden sand in the south, the Sahara Desert. This land has been explored and discovered long ago by merchants and the Romans, the Umayyads who also ruled the Iberian Penisula and now frequented and flocked by tourists. This western kingdom is famous for its spices, ceramics and of course leather. In short, it is a shopper’s paradise!

My adventure to Maghribi began once we disembark from the ferry to Tangier, a Northern port city of Morocco. I have no idea what it is like out there or what to expect. Once the hot air hit our faces, then I realize that I am no longer in Spain. The stark difference of these two countries was obvious, one very rich, green and clean while the other is the opposite. This may be harsh to some, but it is the truth. The hardship faced by these people has opened up my eyes to reality. Then only did I cherish what was given to me (the whole package).

Before going through the arduous journey to Fes, we were taken on a bus ride around the city of Tangier.

It’s lunch time, thanks for the entertainment!

The journey to Fes was a torturous one, the road twists through some of the most beautiful but sometime barren countryside for more than 5 hours. It was pitch dark too and we were afraid for our lives as there were no street lights along the country road. We were thankful once we arrived in Fes, the new part of the city. In the late evening we were entertained at a local restaurant not far from the hotel.

Magic Show – Guess what did he pull out? Naughty, naughty boy!

The picture below is for you, PC

Trying to teach us to shake our booty! I nearly died out there!

A Moroccan Wedding

A night to be remembered … sigh

… to be continued …