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Eid Mubarak

Posted: October 12, 2007 in culture, islam, mi vida loca, Our World, ramadan



It’s the last day of fasting and preparations are being made to celebrate the end of the month of Ramadan.

Muslims all over the world will attend congregational prayers held in the local community Masjid, paying respect to their loved ones by reciting the doa and visiting relatives and friends. Do not forget to prepare duit raya, a common custom here.

IFTAR (إفطار)

Posted: September 17, 2007 in mi familia, mi vida loca, Our World, ramadan

Tomorrow’s menu will be a special one. Yes, it’ll definitely be a crossroad between East & West, a fusion of taste and vibrant in color. Mom will serve cous cous with beef soup, chicken curry and Libyan soup @ Sharba Libya with orzo and baguette. I’ll be preparing the drinks — iced Apple Mint juice with a squeeze of lemon!

What will you be having on the 6th day of Ramadan?

Ramadan Al-Karim

Posted: September 12, 2007 in islam, mi vida loca, ramadan

Wishing all Muslims Ramadan Mubarak. May it be a prosperous, spiritual & peaceful time to all no matter the place, time or condition. Tomorrow or according to the Islamic calendar tonight (after Maghrib) will be the start of the month of Ramadan for those living in this part of the globe.

Ramadan Greetings from abroad

Posted: October 14, 2006 in ramadan

Celebrating Eid abroad away from families is an experience and also a heartache for some especially for those living, studying @ working abroad for the their first time. It’s even more difficult if you’re away in a non-muslim country. There’s no chance of you experiencing such joy as there are job commitments etc you have to go through. What more, one can’t fly back home due to work, exams etc. So, Eid is celebrated with friends, the working @ student community in that area or at the Embassy @ High Commission. Some would send greetings along with a pic (individual @ group) which is printed in the local papers back home. I used to love looking at them, thinking if there were any familiar faces.


Anything special on tv this Ramadan?

Posted: October 12, 2006 in islam, ramadan

For the past 12 years, I’ve never missed watching this award-winning documentary. It’s called Jejak Rasul or In the Footsteps of the Messenger.

From Wiki:

Jejak Rasul is the no.1 Islamic documentary show in Malaysia. This show has broadcast on TV3 during Ramadan fasting month.

List of episodes

  • Jejak Rasul (1995 = 1416AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 2 – (1996 = 1417AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 3 North Africa and Europe – (1997 = 1418AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 4 China and India – (1998 = 1419AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 5 Southeast Asia – (1999 = 1420AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 6 Africa – (2000 = 1421AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 7 Mesir Bumi Anbia – (2001 = 1422AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 8 Sutera Laut Bicara Syahadah – (2002 = 1423AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 9 Warkah Mesopotamia – (2003 = 1424AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 10 Acheh – Sejagat yang Berdaulat – (2004 = 1425AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 11 Sicupak dari Istanbul – (2005 = 1426AH)
  • Jejak Rasul 12 Prophet Muhammad S.A.W – (2006 = 1427AH)

This documentary is aired daily, 18.30 – 19.00 on weekdays and at 17.00 – 17.30 on weekdends.

Below is a video from this season’s episode:

Ramadan in Libya & USA

Iftar, refers to the evening meal for breaking the daily fast during the Islamic month of Ramadan. Iftar during Ramadan is often done as a community, with Muslims gathering to break their fast together. Traditionally, a date is the first thing to consume during Iftar when the fast is broken.

Since it’s Ramadan, mom doesn’t usually cook. (That’s mom & we don’t mind) Why? For one reason only, we don’t eat that much. We can’t seem to consume so much food. Hence, we would normally lose so much weight. Anyway so much food on the table will go to waste. So we end up going to the Ramadan bazaar close by to buy some dishes to eat.

Today, we will be going to TTDI to get some nasi beriani and some popiah! Umm yummy..talking about food is making my mouth water. We will drown everything with iced blackcurrant juice. Obviously we need the extra Vitamin C especially when fasting in such a dreadful weather, rain, sun & the bloody haze! I nearly choked to death this morning, with painful teary eyes. I felt as if tiny particles were poking thru my glasses & into my very sensitive eyes. Stop those open-burnings in Indonesia, will you! You’re killing all of us!

We will be having kek batik & putu piring as well for dessert.

borrowed this pic from “”

putu piring

kek batik

untitled iv

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Looking at my little cousin breaking fast reminds me of myself at her age or maybe a few years older. Kids these days have been trained to fast since the tender age of 5 or 6. Some would fast for half a day for a few days or weeks, it all depends. Some would fast the whole day. I for one, didn’t start fasting till I was about 7 @ 8, I guess. It was a very difficult start for me. I was a very sick & weak child, I had to endure such pains for days. I had childhood asthma and upset stomach. So, most of my primary years I would fast for half a day.

I remember fasting during the summer of 86. It was my first year studying at OCS. School was on, so were our PE classes. I could recall our coach teaching us about baseball. Imagine playing on sand under the hot summer sun. We were asked to bat while our friends would take our place to run to the bases. I insisted on running. Coach was surprised but I managed to convince him that I would not faint and he does not need to worry about me. Well, I ran a few rounds, didn’t faint as no one knew that once I reach home I’ll have my lunch! ;P I cheated!

In the evening, mom and dad would go to the market, I would tag along, we would buy fruits like tangarine, fresh dates, figs, watermelon, honeydew and/or grapes. Whatever is available. We would break our fast with dates and milk or mineral water. we then proceed with the main dish wish consist of rice and home cooked dishes. In fact, we’ve experienced breaking fast in total darkness.

R for Ramadan

Posted: September 22, 2006 in ramadan

With Ramadan just around the corner, in fact an announcement will be made later today regarding the 1st day of fasting, restaurants have begun preparing promotions to cater to the breaking of fast affairs in the evenings. (Around this corner of the world the 1st day of fasting will be on the 24 of Sept while the other half of the world (USA, Europe, Africa & some parts of Asia) will start fasting a day earlier.) While others have started baking cookies to be sold during the month of Ramadan and to be served & eaten together with family & friends during Eid. Others take this opportunity to sell variety of local dishes at the Ramadan Bazaar. Ramadan may be the time to reflect but it is also the time to make big BUCKS for others. City slickers or urbanites are just too busy to cook and prepare dishes for the breaking of fast, instead they would choose and buy any dishes they fancy sold at the ramadan bazaars in and around their neighbourhood. The patrons consist of not only the Muslims but non-Muslims too would frequent such places & savour the local dishes.

During this auspicious month, friendships are made and all is forgiven. A time for sharing, and bettering oneself. Luxuries are only temporary, forgive one’s adversary!!

visit An Idiot’s Guide to Ramadan

Ramadan is just around the corner

Posted: September 3, 2006 in ramadan

This year, Muslims all over the will be observing the month of Ramadan somewhere in late September. A month of fasting (The act of fasting, from dawn to dusk, is to cleanse one’s soul from harm) and a month of peace. So, one should refrain from violence, anger, envy, greed, lust, angry and sarcastic retorts, and gossip. However, this may be a challenge for some to follow.
During this whole period, muslims would occupy their time by reciting verses from the Holy Quran and perform prayers at the masjid. The Tarawih is performed every night at the masjid. I feel that one would be at peace after performing the prayer.
I can’t wait for Ramadan which is just a few weeks away. One may feel exhausted but everything will change at dusk when the whole family sits around the table ready to break fast. All types of dishes will be served either homemade or bought from the ramadan bazaar. We would break our fast by eating one or two dates and swallow it down with water or soy milk. Then we will proceed with the main course or rice and local dishes or sometimes kebab or other local dishes. After our stomach are filled we perform our maghrib prayers and then proceed to the masjid for tarawikh and Isyaa prayers. Other muslims would break their fast and pray their maghrib, tarawikh and ishaa prayers with their fellow muslims in the masjid. It is a great time to get along with others from the same community.

Ramadhan Bazaar

Posted: October 6, 2005 in culture, ramadan

Should you cook during the month of Ramadhan? Not in my family. We wouldn’t eat that much anyway. So, it’s best that we buy a variety of dishes at the Ramadhan Bazaar. This is the time of the year one would see people from different walks of life walking shoulder to shoulder buying food at the stalls. I personally would leave my home at 4pm as I wouldn’t want to be caught in the traffic jam @ downpour. That would be horrible. The nearest ramadhan bazzar would be at TTDI. Love the food & the crowd. You won’t feel out of place there, I don’t see any immigrants aka aliens selling or buying stuff. I’m not prejudice but I don’t feel comfortable. I would like to feel safe, comfortable & contented when shopping or walking around in my own country! I used to go to Bangsar or Sect 14, PJ a few years back. But not anymore. The reasons being it’s difficult to find a parking space in those areas!

Hmm what should I get for tomorrow? I had to attend my lecture today, so I didn’t eat much except for kuih gelang, popiah basah and soy drink. I still have my murtabak and kebab. Should I save them for sahur? It all depends on my biological clock. The last 2 days, I woke up at 2 am and had my sahur!