The Amazing Race 10 (Updated on 111206)

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With the Amazing Race season 10 nearing to its end, only three teams have secured the last 3 spots to race for the $1 mil prize money. The three teams consist of 2 hot looking male models, a pair of single moms (the only all-female team having qualified the top 3 spot over the years) and a bf-gf team. So which team will win the 1 million dollars?

I’m rooting for either the models or the bf-gf team. I think that the single moms are not physically fit but they are very intelligent women, so I’m sure they will give a tight fight. Rob on the other hand frustrates me as he is quick tempered & often loses his temper on his gf, Kimberly. I guess he has to learn to be more patient & control his temper. I salute Kimberly for having stayed around up to this stage! The models on the other hand, besides their gorgeous looks need luck on their side. Somehow I feel that they need to be more alert in this game which challenges one’s intgelligence & wits.

I still find it difficult to predict which team will win the race, I guess I’ll have to keep on watching!

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Ups & Downs

Nadal was sent packing in the quarters of the US Open and I have got no one to root for. Oh well, maybe I’ll go for Federer then! I’ve never liked Roddick & James Blake anyway.

On a different note…La, la, la…la , let’s ROCK

However, I’m glad Magni the MAGNIficent Iceman has not been eliminated from ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA rocker search. Storm Large, ooh how her surname seems to fit her so well (she’s around 6ft tall), has been eliminated. Tommy Lee seems to love her, maybe her boobs has influenced him & clouded his mind! It’s actually a very tight match, all of them sang well and wrote wonderful lyrics, but in my opinion, I don’t think Dilana would or could last. She knows she can perform but she ain’t that creative when it comes to writing lyrics. So, who’s left? Toby the OZ dude, Dilana the extreme chick, Lukas the dark knight and of course Magni the handsome bald one.
I hope Magni will get to front this rock group!

My Say – TAR

Ray & Yolanda won this leg of the race & I am very happy for them.

The hippies (Bj & Tyler) are lucky, as I mentioned earlier I doubt any team will be eliminated in this leg of the race. Thank God, the Hippies weren’t. I wonder how they are going to get hold of some money. They must have some creative & crazy ways to do so. The last two legs they managed to collect money in the plane & from other teams in the race.

Oh well, both are uni grads & must have brilliant minds. BJ graduated from Harvard, I have dreamt of going there!

But I really wanted MO Joe to be eliminated. I hated them so much & urggh I don’t think many people like them either! As for the Frats Boys, gosh, if all men were like them, this place would go upside down. Enough said! Shallow men, very shallow!

The Amazing Race

I hope the Frat Boys will get eliminated in today’s episode. I have never liked them. All they wanted was to get into ladies pants. How shallow! I’d rather have the hippies winning the $1 mil. Please God, let them win. Don’t like Modjo either, for what reason, I don’t remember. But I pity the oldies. They’re eliminated last week. Don’t expect them to go further anyway. They could not out do the rest of the teams who have got more stamina, but they do have the will power. I respect them. They don’t play dirty either.

Humm, however, I don’t think there’ll be any elimination in this leg of the race. Whatever it is, I hope against hope the next elimination will be for the Frat Boys. Let them have a taste of their own medicine!