What a Pair :-)

Venue: Chiseled Rock aka Little Paris (back in the 60’s & 70’s)

Date: 2nd December 2006

Time: 2pm onwards


Wishing both a happy & everlasting marriage.


The beautiful couple on their wedding day

what a pair


While waiting for Reen & family, we decided to snap a pic with the newlyweds.

a lil blurry
Pic taken with Reen & her lil’ boys
group pic 2
Pic taken with Reen & her lil’ boys 2
group pic 1
It’s revelation76, Shah & the blushing bride!
3 beautiful ladies
I can’t believe it myself,” said the bride. “It was fate, I guess,” she continued.
3 beautiful ladies
Revelation76 giving directions to Reen & hubby. Shah text messaging some mysterious person 🙂
3 beautiful ladies
Great pals, a hard find!
shah & revelation76
Let’s get our hands into these dishes we’re famished, squealed yourstrully. It’s past lunch time!
shah & revelation76
Shah: I need to get myself acquainted with the duties of a wife…. practice makes perfect, don’t you think so?
It’s the last day and time to leave.
shah & moi

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mini reunion pix

Our reunion went on well, and everyone seemed very happy to see each other and catch the latest news & gossips around town.

Shah, Hasfa & Moi arrived early to do some shopping at KLCC before meeting up with the others at Dome KLCC. We actually shopped till we drop! Feets were aching and we couldn’t find any empty seats as there was a fashion show held at the concourse!

So we went from one shoe store to the other, pretending to try on shoes but actually all we wanted was to find seats to rest our butts!

We couldn’t leave KLCC without stopping at our fave spot, Kinokuniya. I could eat, sleep & do whatever there. Man…it’s a book haven.

Ah…Sherry’s getting married in June, a week after the school break. So, I need to buy a new dress, I don’t know what to wear. I’ll start browsing tomorrow for something exotic to wear. Nothing too extravagant just elegant & sexy 😛

Oh we also plan to have another reunion somewhere around nov @ december at Pangkor Island. We’ll have to wait & see!

So, who’s getting married next? Rizal, Hasfa, Shah, Moi (we’re all practically in the same boat, single & lovin’ it!). Let destiny decide, let it chart the course, let’s see where destiny would lead us!

Maybe Sue @ Maya … what ’bout Uyean?

mini reunion

There will be a mini reunion today between us friends, we haven’s seen each other since (i can’t remember how many years)….

Who’ll be there: (All the single & eligible bachelors except for Sherry, she’s getting married this June @ July) 😛

Shah – the creative & flirty one
Sherry – the famous one, with good looks & American accent and all
Rizal – the thorn among the roses, the philanderer (?)
H’sfa – the beauty & there’s no beast
Moi – the choosy one ;P

OOHHH I can imagine us sitting there having late lunch. It’s going to be chaotic. I can picture the situation perfectly. I may seem a little quiet to some, but when I’m in my little group … ah..am a very different person … thanks to my friends mentioned above.

There’ll be another mini reuninon next week & we haven’t decided who’ll be there. I may go if they don’t mind me coming a little late, I’ve got practice lah.