Paul Oh Paul!

No this ain’t Paul McCartney nor Pope John Paul, it’s Paul the Octy!

Funny, I doubt that I’ve ever heard of you before this day (or yesterday), but you’ve became an over night celebrity when it was made known by the media of your “gift” & your prediction that Spain will be the WC Champ in 2010. Many have threatened to EAT you, I believe many have difficulty digesting the news (Spain winning) too, not because they’re ardent fans of the Oranje team but some people like ME don’t believe in oracles etc.

Such hype, to me, is created to capture the world’s attention towards the WC. Has it been a great one for you so far? With so many favorite teams being kicked out during the earlier stages of the games, some fans had claimed this year’s games have been a farce! Oh well, if it is, the news will come out sooner or later, watch out for controversies after the World Cup! Just wait and see.

Whatever it is, oracle or not, I’ll be happy for Spain if they win their 1st WC. They, as the reigning Euro Champ, deserve it. So, lets paint the town RED, aye!


World Cup Fever! NOT!!

Ah, we await no longer for it’s finally here. I should be jumping up and down, filled with joy watching fit men in colored jerseys running after a sole ball from one end to the other attempting to make their own HISTORY! However, I’ve lost the LUV for footie fever. It hasn’t been the same. In actuality, I don’t favor any team/nation. I actually am, let me humbly admit a LIVERPOOL FC fan, but I haven’t been a loyal one this past year. I haven’t been following their games or news as it frustrates me to see them struggle this season. I started to lose faith when LFC decided to let Xabi Alonso go. I believe he is an influential player. Look at him now, he is playing for the national team. His time at Liverpool & his natural skills has caught the eyes of the national coach etc. That was not the only reason for LFC’s downfall. P.O.L.I.T.I.C.S is the major culprit. It doesn’t help, when you over power others.

So back to WC’10, it’s been a lackluster event so far. (Maybe it’s just me, as you age beautifully you start to lose the interest in some things like FOOTBALL!) I don’t know how the others see it. Tell me! But it’s no secret that I’m rooting for Spain, the reasons being I LOVE Spain because of its vibrant culture & beautiful people. Yes NOTHING to do with football. Although I used to follow Real Madrid, until I lost interest once again. I want Spain to win, Torres, being a LFC player, to win and Fabregas to win just because he is HOT (that’s just a dumb reason, but who cares. You’d have to admit that he is one gorgeous dude!). I may root for Spain, but I doubt that they’ll reach the final. I guess it’s going to be an ALL South American FINALE. Do I need to mention the teams? I think not!

As you can see, or guess by now that I’m not much of a footie @ world cup fan. I guess I’ve been more of an F1 fan these days, McLaren to be exact. McLaren all the way, no matter the driver racing the fabulous race cars! I’m praying that this year will be the year for McLaren although they’ve got a tough fight in their hands in the form of the Red Bull team. RB has been totally transformed, all of a sudden they’ve been performing real well, grabbing the pole day in and day out. Must be the water they’re drinking (pun intended)! Hopefully, McLaren will have some surprises in the bag! I do hope to catch the 2nd street race of the season, tonight @ Valencia, Spain. Ahh, Spain again…& not because of Alonoso, Fernando Alonso…shish!

Spain…once more…..sigh! What’s with me & Spanish men? I don’t have an answer to that! =)

Talking about Spanish men, there’s one in action in the land of the Queens. Yes, it’s Rafael Nadal, reigning Roland Garros Champ (his 5th title) & former Wimbledon Champ (’08). He’ll be fighting / raging like a bull to win this years grass court title. It’s not impossible for a Spaniard to that at the least favorite court. But Nadal has proven it wrong. He has done it & will aim to win many more grass court events! Vamos Nadal!

So with so much sporting events in the calendar, should I be blamed for my lack of interest in the World Cup?

Team mate war

Things are heating up at McLaren, what with the spy scandal and now the controversial qualifying strategy conducted by the team. Having both talented drivers fighting for the championship must be a headache for Uncle Ron and I fear that both drivers will be leaving the team at the end of the year as they are unsatisfied with the way they are treated or the way McLaren handle their drivers. It’s all gossip or rumors, I hope, nothing substantial.

The past few years have not been as colourful as this season’s. It was difficult for me to watch McLaren not winning a single race, however this year is just the opposite. McLaren have been trading and exchanging places with Ferrari on the top spot of the podium.

Back to yesterday’s quali, I don’t know who was in the wrong. Everyone was pointing fingers at each other. Was it the team’s doing or was it Hamilton’s stubbornness or Alonso’s ego doing the thinking. I was elated at first to see an all McLaren frontrow, but somehow had a tingling feeling that something was wrong when I saw Alonso stalling in the pit area during the 3rd Quali. Due to his (his team’s) rash actions, Alonso has been penalised and demoted to 6th place while McLaren won’t be earning any constructors points. Drats. You know what that means, Ferrari will be able to play catch up. Unless an unfortunate incident were to happen to them.

Are the FIA still rooting for Ferrari to win the Championship?

Hamilton won the race and Alonso only managed to get 4th. However, McLaren is barred from attending the Trophy presentation except for the drivers. Therefore they gain no constructor points, for now. Result of their appeal will be heard and announced somewhere next week.

Last …

… quali & race of the season. So, will Alonso reign as the Youngest Double Champion? Ahh, time will tell, and that time will be tomorrow or early Monday morning for those living in this part of the world.

The 18th & final race will be held in Brasil, one of the toughest race tracks to drive on especially because of it’s bumpy surface and even a very skillful driver would need to be very alert  with great hands control to manoeuvre an F1 car.  (I’m sure, I’d drive my car into the barrier if I’m placed in such a situation!) What is even more challenging for the drivers is that this is one of the very few race cuircuits which runs in an anti-clockwise direction. More left turns (9) to right (4) would  pose much pressure to a driver. No wonder, F1 is a sport only for the FITTEST.

There are a few questions still to be answered. It’s still hanging in the air. I, for one, wonder if the silver arrow will win this final race. This year’s car is a far cry from last year swift & speedy McLaren. Driver errors and mechanical failures have  hampered them from any chance of  winning a race. This must be a sad, sad year for them, a season to forget. With that, I hope they have made so much progress in the development of next year’s race car since it will be revealed to the public in January. Let’s not disappoint Alonso & prove to Kimi that he has not been missed! ;P

With the weather being unpredictable lately, who are we to blame but ourselves for the depletion of the ozone layer due to our own selfishness & which has lead to the sufferings of others, there is no clear winner for Sunday’s race, a Michelin or Bridgestone runner. Michelin a winner on wet while the latter on dry. Mishaps may occur to anyone, so the race is open but the pressure will be on both Schumi & Alonso. Who is the stronger one amongst these two? Who is more resilient? Both has the hunger to win the race for themselves & the team but sometimes one would have to rely on pure LUCK.

p/s Is Mother Nature livid with the way we treat her beautiful abode? It seems she is, torrential rain have caused havoc yesterday evening as water level rose and flooded roads in and around the city. Cars were damaged trees were uprooted. Some may have lost their belongings.

But, the haze has not disappeared! Humm, it has not rained today!

Ups & Downs

Nadal was sent packing in the quarters of the US Open and I have got no one to root for. Oh well, maybe I’ll go for Federer then! I’ve never liked Roddick & James Blake anyway.

On a different note…La, la, la…la , let’s ROCK

However, I’m glad Magni the MAGNIficent Iceman has not been eliminated from ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA rocker search. Storm Large, ooh how her surname seems to fit her so well (she’s around 6ft tall), has been eliminated. Tommy Lee seems to love her, maybe her boobs has influenced him & clouded his mind! It’s actually a very tight match, all of them sang well and wrote wonderful lyrics, but in my opinion, I don’t think Dilana would or could last. She knows she can perform but she ain’t that creative when it comes to writing lyrics. So, who’s left? Toby the OZ dude, Dilana the extreme chick, Lukas the dark knight and of course Magni the handsome bald one.
I hope Magni will get to front this rock group!


Wimbledon: Nadal made it to the finals & will play against tennis number one from Switzerland Roger Federer. If Nadal wins the match against his all time nemesis, he will be only the second Spaniard to win on the the All-England Grass Court. It was unexpected for him even to win his first round match as grass has never been a happy ground for players from Iberia. Therefore, his progress to the final has been remarkable & an unexpected one. This will be a tough match for both, lets hope Nadal will win & if not make it a tough 5 setter match for Federer!

Berlin: Azzuri vs Le Blue, a repeat of the 98 World Cup. France shocked the world by winning it then however, the Italian team will take this opportunity to beat them and win the trophy & title.

Brana: I thought you don’t watch football. Don’t know about tennis!