You think you know the answer to this! (Updated)

There are a number of newly formed countries, that have recently gained independence:

One being Timor Leste aka East Timor aka Timor Timor. What about the rest? Do you think you can name another three? (Does not have to be in chronological order.)

It’s the time to test your knowledge about Physical Geography. Not Human Geography which encompasses Politics, Social, Economics etc.

The youngest country in Europe (maybe the world) and is still growing? Hmmm no matter the weather, a popular outdoor activity is swimming in natural formed lakes.

So, can you guess?


The answer: from

YOUNGEST COUNTRIES (politically newly formed)
East Timor (2002)
Palau (1994)
Czech Republic (1993)
Eritrea (1993)
Slovakia (1993)
Bosnia/Hertzegovina (1992)